Sunday, June 29, 2008

What A Scare!

I had a real scare when I woke up this morning. Joey was waking me up with her usual, 'Mummy! 起来!" At first I didn't see carefully, but when I did, I was shocked to find blood across half her face, running along the middle portion of her face where her nose is!! It was dry blood and there was also a patch of the blood on the mattress she was sleeping on! Gosh.. quickly woke up Isaiah to see..

It was obvious the blood came from her nose, but I was more concerned whether it was a nosebleed, or because she 'dug' her nose too hard and caused it to bleed. If it's a nosebleed, it's certainly very unusual cos kids don't get nosebleeds!! So many thoughts went through my mind at that time.. but seeing that she looked fine, we decided to wait and see.

After some examination, it appeared that it should be because she stuck her finger into her nose in the middle of the night and caused it to bleed.. There were mucus inside her nose and dried blood... ekkks...

Since my daughter had such a 'traumatic' night, I brought her out for breakfast to compensate her! Haha..

Purposely took a close-up on her face. Can you see some remnants of the blood near her nose? While we were having breakfast, she went to touch her nose again, cos maybe it was irritating her, and the blood clot inside dislodged and it started bleeding lightly again. Sigh..

Thank God that she was okay the rest of the day. No more bleeding, cos I watched her closely and made sure she didn't dig or scratch anymore!

Bonding Time Is Important

I've always believed that how confident and secure a child is depends on whether there is a strong & prominent father figure in his or her life.That's why if a father spends alot of time bonding with the child, he or she is likely to grow up to be a confident and self-assured person. And so, even though Isaiah is busy, we decided that there must be time set aside for him to bond with Joey.

Weekends are the best time to do that! Saturday we brought Joey out for breakfast and then to play at the playground. She was so happy!

She went hysterical when Papa chased after her!

It's fun to watch them laugh together! =D

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Friday!

Joey is very happy today cos she's going for another trial class today! Today is primarily a training session for a new teacher, so Teacher Ruby asked me whether I could bring Joey in for a class today and of course I agreed! Joey always looks forward to the classes. =D

Happy in the cab this morning!

When I met Teacher Ruby, she passed me two artworks that Joey did previously. I thought they were really nice! :)

A footprint painting... They used their feet to paint...

And a super colourful rainbow collage!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bracelet Or Anklet?

When we went to Bangkok recently, we bought Joey a nice silver bracelet from one of the silver specialty shops there. Joey insisted on wearing it as an anklet today.

Check out her beautiful ankle.. heee heee

She kept her leg up so that she can admire the anklet..

Isn't my daughter a very creative girl?

Haha... finally a nice smile while keeping her eyes widely open!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Day of Feasting

Brought Joey out to walk walk around evening today and also to use off my Aldo vouchers. It was very much a day of feasting for Joey.. And of course, Joey enjoyed herself cos she LOVES to eat.. :)

Went to Toast Box at City Hall, while waiting for Isaiah to finish work and meet us..

Wahh... check out the thick thick peanut toast! Very yummy!!!

Their steamed yam cake was very nice too.. =)

Look at her.. Happily eating away! heeee...

Then Isaiah arrived and we went for dinner. Guess what Joey had??

Pepper Lunch Express! Beef rice..

But of course she didn't eat the whole thing herself lah... She shared with Isaiah but ate at least half a bowl of the beef rice.

Then after dinner, we decided to go for Selegie Tau Huay!

Joey really likes soya bean milk... =D

So you see... Joey may be small in size, but her appetite is HUGE!



Joey has always liked to pretend that she's an adult. She would imitate us and pretend that she understands everything. Really like a 小大人.

Recently Joey has taken an interest for chopsticks. Whenever she sees us using chopsticks to eat, she would also ask for chopsticks. Not that she has mastered how to use them though. So far, she's only managed to push the food into her mouth with the chopsticks. Haha...


A Busy Day For Joey!

Yesterday was a busy day for Joey!

She attended church in the morning, then went to 2 birthday parties of her friends. Tiring, but I think she had lots of fun! =D

Monkeying in church..

Then she tried to open the fridge to take cold drinks but I shut it closed tight!

So she went into her 'wailing-wall' mode!

Haha.. how amusing.. but Mummy was totally unmoved. NO OPENING THE FRIDGE!

So I diverted her attention by asking her to pose for photos.. Always works. :)

My favorite photo with Joey to date! =D We both look so happy..

Rushed to the 1st birthday party at Sengkang!

That's the handsome two-year-old birthday boy, Jayden!

Jayden's got a very cute & big Sesame Street backdrop!

Jayden and his Barney birthday cake!!!

Joey admiring the cake. Maybe will her a barney cake for her 3rd birthday too.. :)

Then we rushed to the next birthday party at MyGym Marine Parade!

It was like a reunion of some sorts! Most of the kids invited grew up in the office nursery, so it really felt like a family gathering for the kids & the parents alike! =)

The pretty birthday girl, Nicole! She is 3 years old! =D

This is Denzel! I haven't seen him for so long since he left the office nursery to start school. Gosh, grown so much!

This adorable little girl is Enya.. =)

The kids were soooooooo excited to enter the gym area!

Especially joey.. she kept telling the teachers to bring her in.. heeee...

It's no surprise though... check out the gym area.. Looks so colourful & fun!

She literally went berserk upon seeing the balls!

Denise is so cute, buried under the colourful balls!!

Something good at MyGym is that they make an effort to let the birthday girl feel special. Nicole was allowed into the gym area earlier than the rest of the kids and she could put all her presents into a special tunnel. Then the instructors asked her whether to let her friends come into the gym area and only when she said 'Yes', the kids were allowed in. Throughout the one hour of play, the instructors would get the kids to chant things like, 'Happy Birthday Nicole!' to build up the atmosphere.

The best part was when they got Nicole to 'disappear' into the backroom and then make a grand entrance on a mini scooter tied with balloons later when it's time for cake cutting! The kids went crazy as Nicole went scooting around and hi-5-ing with everyone! Hahhaha... cool!!!

What a very fun day for Joey!

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