Saturday, August 30, 2008


While the contractors were busy knocking holes in our wall & hanging up our mirrors & poles in our new flat, guess what was Joey doing?








Looks like she is already feeling very 'at home' in this new home. =P

Studious Joey

Joey wanted to imitate her Nai Nai when she reads her book. So she insisted on putting on her spectacles and even asked me to go get my camera to take photo of her!

How studious-looking!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Monday

Joey preparing to go out this afternoon....

We went to Tampines Mall cos we were waiting for Papa Isaiah..

The outdoor playground again, of course!

The big difference is that she NO LONGER DARES TO GO DOWN THE SLIDE.

What caused the change, you may ask. Well, it's all because her friend, Nicole, fell from the slide and suffered some injury on her face. I think Joey was quite affected by it and so she dare not make a single attempt down the slide, no matter how much I coax her. She just stayed at the platform watching the other kids, and at times utter worries for the other kids who went down the slide.

Hopefully, she will overcome this problem soon, otherwise she’d miss out of one of the most fun games of childhood. =D

Joey got new slippers and I am so jealous!!!

Her Nai Nai bought them for her... :)

Paper Plate Painting!

I've started my first project with Joey after being inspired by Isaac's mum's blog!

Paper Plate Painting!

Well, the truth is I can't find her drawing board, so can't find paper for her to paint on. So I gave her paper plates instead. =) Better too, since it's thicker.

After she saw me using my finger to dip the paint and stamp on the paper plate, she also followed suit. She's pretty much in a 'Monkey see, Money do' stage now.. =D

If you think my girl doesn't mind mess, you are wrong! Everytime the paint gets on her hands or clothes or even on the table and floor, she will whince! I got to keep reassuring her that it's ok and we can clean up after we finish painting. Aiyo...

This activity is fuss-free and a sure-hit... so I am sure I will do it again, maybe with different drawing materials. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quite Alot Of Good Food

We have been eating some good food recently.. and you know me, I love taking photos of nice food. =D

Had lunch with my dad on Sat at this restaurant called Seafood Paradise.

It was already late by the time we settled down for lunch, so you can see my dad and my daughter both looked very hungry....

I really liked the noodles.. Very yummy!

Ordered two of their specialty dishes...

Special Tofu with seafood & floss

Special pork ribs with honey sauce

Braised mushrooms and veggies

Then today we went to eat at Sakae with our friends!

Serene, Joey's godmother and Cherry, the 'stand-in' grandmother when Serene is not around. Hahaha...

Possibly the only 'must-eat' item for every kid in a Japanese restaurant - Chawanmushi!

The Teriyaki chicken rice that I had... really yummy that I couldn't resist snapping a pic of it.. ;)

And this is Joey's bento set called, 'Mini Bus'!

It has got fries, fried chicken, rice, hotdog and eggs.. but Joey only ate bits of it... 90% went into Papa Isaiah's stomach.. =P

Food always makes us happy!!! =D

Enjoying Herself In Church

Just some happy pictures of Joey having a good time in church today! =D

There's a new kitchen playset in Playgroup today, and even when the teachers were assemblying it, Joey already could not keep her hands off it!

After service, she played at the new inflatable playground area again. Heard that this set of inflatables and slides are just prelude to the real thing that's gonna be set up in a few months' time. How exciting!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frozen Fruit Treats

All parents become concerned if their kids don't do the 'big business' for 1 or 2 days, simply because that means harmful toxic is building up in the kid's body and it will make the kid feel very bloated & uncomfortable.

Joey generally has very regular bowel movements but when there are times she doesn't visit the toilet, I got to think of ways to get her to eat more fibre. The problem is she doesn't really fancy fruits (like her mummy!), so I thought of a way to make her eat her fruits.

Funny thing about kids is that they love cold stuffs! It's a trade-off, but I'd rather she gets her fibre. So I froze some mashed-up kiwi and she heartily ate it up! Even though she'd never touch kiwi in its 'natural' form.

The mashed up kiwi fruit

Then I pour the mashed up stuff into little containers and froze them.

My girl likes it! All things icy she loves la! Fruit or whatever!

Although green kiwi fruit is high in Vitamin C, it's still a tad too sour for kids. So i'd recommend using apples, pears, golden kiwi, etc. If your kid has got bowel difficulties, try this too! It helps!

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