Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yes indeed. My daughter can't wait to grow up obviously. She loves to behave and act like an adult now, and can I tell you?


Some tell-tale signs that my daughter thinks that she's an adult:

1) She commands you to do something, and she adds a ' 快点啦!' at the end of her command. All happens concurrently with a roll eye, frown on the forehead, slight irritation in her voice and a very impatient stare. Hello girl, who's the mother here? Huh?!!

2) She insists on using the chopsticks to eat EVERYTHING and that includes rice, porridge (sad but it's true), meat, soup (yes I know)... and no, she cannot hold her chopsticks yet, so you can imagine how long & how messy it gets at every mealtime where you can find a pair of chopsticks on the table.

3) If the mother (that's me!) whines, her maternal instincts jump right out & she goes into her 'Taiwanese soap opera' mode, shove my head onto her chest and she hugs me tightly and pats me on the head (sayang) and at the same time, whine along with me, "Muuummmmyyyy.......". Not joking. Ask any of my friends who have personally witnessed this. Very very drama.

4) She asks a question and when you answer, she gives a very 'adult' 'OOOHHHHH' and look very satisfied with herself that she understood the answer......... and then ask the very same question again barely 30 seconds later. (tat's life..).

My daughter is growing up so fast I can't do anything about it!!!!!!!!!! argghhhh!!!

I think I'll go whine now.

Finally We Made It To The Science Centre!

Finally Joey made it to the Science Centre!

Last Monday, we went there to find that it's closed. Sad & disappointed, we were determined to make a comeback this week! And so since it's a public holiday yesterday, it was perfect timing!!!! =D

Joey was just fascinated by every machine and every experiment corner though I was quite sure she understands none of them. =P She was just happy hopping from one station to another and touching every single thing that she saw. =D Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Some of the exhibits were really quite interesting.. Like this cold frosty wall, which was really superly cold to the touch!

Astro boy photo booth

The electric chair!

And my favorite of all - The bodyless head.. Heee...

Joey also had fun at adhoc art & craft stations set up by some students...

There is also an outdoor water play area for kids.. :)

Finally after 2 hours, we left the Science Centre for lunch.. totally famished!

Waraku! =) Hope it makes you feel hungry as well!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall/Winter Season

Didn't really buy much stuffs for Joey from Taiwan.. only a few pairs of shoes, one set of clothes and socks.. Simply because it's fall/winter season there now, so alot of the clothes are not that suitable for the hot weather in Singapore. Plus, Joey sweats super easily, so many of the nice thick clothes cannot be worn.

But we did manage to buy her a brown cape dress and brown slacks which I thought are very nice. Regretted not buying a few more!!

Doesn't she look so cute in them?? =D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Missed My Little Girl

I really missed my little girl this time round when I went to Taiwan. Every year since Joey was born, Isaiah and I would make a trip overseas without Joey, just to spend quality time together. Experts have said that this is very important for couples, especially those who have kids, because it allows them to focus their attention on their spouses without any distractions or disturbance. On previous trips, I've always managed to enjoy myself without missing my girl too much. =P But this time, I started to miss her even from Day 1. Haha...

Joey missed us alot too.. when we called home from Taiwan, her first sentence to us was, 'I want to go Taiwan! I want to take plane!' And when we reached home, she was literally jumping and hopping around us in joy for an hour and kept chanting, '你买什么??' (what did you buy??) Hahahaha...

So, yesterday since Isaiah was still on leave, we brought Joey out to walk walk. Had wanted to visit the Science Centre in the morning, only to find out to our disappointment that the Centre is closed on Mondays!!!! Sigh, saw so many other tourists who got a disappointing shock too like us when they reached there. Since when do tourist attractions close at all?? They should be open everyday! So in the end, we just went shopping and eating....

Joey is at such a cutie age now.. She imitates everything we say and she likes to talk like an adult. It's hilarious hearing her say the things she does.. I think this is possibly the most fun stage for parents, seeing 'themselves' in their kids. kekekeke...

Monday, October 06, 2008

And The Secretaries Gather

It was such a rare chance for all of us, but today we gathered to have hi-tea at Serene's house! It was such a great time of fellowship in a very lovely house! =)

Check out the food!!!!

The fellowship was even better... :)

Serene's place is like a haven for kids! It's got all kinds of toy vehicles and doll houses, car circuits, railway tracks etc etc! Joey went crazy checking out every toy in the house.. Especially the kitchen set inside the doll house. Haha..

The little blessed owner of all these toys... serene's son, Julian!

A fun relaxing day we had! =D

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