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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Same Pattern

The 2 sisters are pretty similar in many aspects. Let’s look at the LOOKS department first:

The same kind of yawn.


The same sleeping style.


The same angelic face.


Other than their looks, their PERSONALITIES are somewhat similar too. Even at such a young age, I could already tell that Jayne’s going be a very determined child. Here’s how I knew.

We had been letting Jayne sleep chest down so that it provides a greater sense of security and she’d sleep for longer periods each time. Of course, that would mean that we need to keep watch over her incase she flips her head and gets stuck with her face down buried in the mattress. It was a little nerve-wreaking for me the first few days because I kept worrying whether she’d get suffocated. To my amazement though, at 5-day-old, she could already turn her head & navigate so that she can flip to face the other side! I was shocked to see her facing one side one moment, and the next moment, she was facing the other side! Strong neck she’s got! And strong determination!

But of course, being 2 very unique individuals, they have their special traits & differences. Joey, for one, finishes her milk at record timing, but Jayne drinks a lot slower and takes her own sweet time to pause, look around & dunno-do-what. It could be due to the fact that she’s much smaller in size compared to Joey too though, so I am not too sure about that yet. Joey is also not as 小姐 as Jayne. She would not complain if her diapers are wet or soiled. Jayne, on the other hand, cries immediately when her diapers are a little dirty. Talking about their crying volumes though, Joey definitely wins hands-down, even though she is not as cry-baby as Jayne.

I have alot more to discover about my 2 girls as they grow up day by day. What an adventure. :)