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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Big Joey

Whenever people see Baby Jayne, their questions inevitably revolve around Joey as well. “How’s Joey doing?”, “Is she doing well in school?”, “Is she talking a lot now?”

And so I think it’s a good time to give an update on how Joey’s doing. :)

She’s about 3 and a half years old now, and she’s nothing like who she was at her third birthday. Even though that was an affair that happened merely a few months back. Now, she talks SUPER ALOT, makes SUPER ALOT of comments, has SUPER ALOT of opinions about everything and makes SUPER ALOT of requests and demands. I therefore am obliged to call this the SUPER ALOT PHASE.

She is no longer the little baby girl who does what she was told (when she did). Now, she needs a reason for everything she’s told to do.


For example, to coax her to drink her antibiotics, I have to explain to her how we have to complete the whole course of medicines because they are all linked and needs to gather and meet up inside her body so that they can fight the sickness together and it will be gone forevermore (She questioned why must she continue taking the medicine even though she has recovered), and even throw in her favorite snack at the end to bribe her to swallow the medicine.

To persuade her NOT to wear her pyjamas to church (It gets too comfortable I think, and I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the Dora cartoons on the pyjamas. My daughter is not that shallow.), I have to re-enact a scene of how shocked her Children Church teachers will be when they see her in pyjamas in church, get her giggling at my hysterical ridiculous expressions, before going down on my knees to beg her to change out of it. It’s that easy.

Joey speaks incredibly well for her age according to many people who’s heard her (a little too well sometimes, I think). She’s effectively bilingual though her English can be a little broken and Singlish at times. I have to correct her pronunciation and sentence structures now and then, but generally, anyone can understand what she’s trying to say most of the time. Because of her strong language foundation, she argues incredibly well too. Don’t attempt to hoodwink her. I mean, don’t you even try.


Joey loves story-telling, both listening and telling. She would imitate how her teachers tell stories in school complete with the tone, expressions and body language, including those parts where they scold the naughty kids for not paying attention and send them to the ‘Thinking Chair’ to repent. She does that extremely well. I could immediately imagine how it’s really like in school.

Joey knows exactly how her cartoon schedule goes everyday. She can tell you smoothly what cartoons are showing at 830pm on Playhouse Disney Channel, followed by what at 9pm, followed by what at 9.30pm and so on. Don’t even try to bluff her. The only thing she can’t do yet is to read the clock, so if she insists that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is showing at 830pm, you just have to tell her that it’s already 10pm, and all the nice cartoons she likes are over. But then she would tell you that it cannot be 10pm yet because the TV is not showing Dibo the Gift Dragon yet. Bleh.

So what am I trying to say? Joey is growing up to be a really awesome, smart and alert girl, who knows what she wants most of time, has a creative flair, expresses her opinions about stuffs freely, and is learning to appreciate good fashion, all thanks to Mama. :)


I love my Joey.