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    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Grandpa Is The Birthday Boy!

    Let today’s post start off with some funny pictures!

    Ta Da! This season’s most-wanted fashion - HIGH WAISTED PANTS!

    11 Nov 002

    11 Nov 001


    * * *

    Ok, back to main topic. We went to celebrate my dad’s 58th birthday at The Mushroom Pot!

    My dad’s a very simple man. As long as his children and grandchildren are with him, it’s a perfect celebration. Look how contented he looks with Baby Jayne.

    11 Nov 004

    Seriously, I’ve never seen my dad behave anything like this towards me when I was little. Not even anything near. (I’ve always teased him about this. Haha.)

    11 Nov 020

    I love the food at Mushroom Pot! Especially their starters! Super yums.

     11 Nov 008 11 Nov 010

    11 Nov 011

    11 Nov 013

    The leading actress is of course the steamboat! The wild mushroom soup base is simply awesome.

    11 Nov 014

    And I have to mention that we were impressed with their excellent service. We ordered the ala carte buffet steamboat, and when the dishes came, the waiter helped us to put the food into the steamboat. Throughout the dinner, the waitresses changed new plates for us no less than 10 times. They were always close by to attend to our needs. Very vigilant and helpful. Haha.

    11 Nov 007

    It was a great relaxing time of dinner. I always loved spending time with my parents because they lavish lots of attention and love on my kids, and I feel that’s exactly what kids need. Apart from the love of their dads & mums, grandparents’ love can help them build up stronger confidence and feel greater security. Kids need to be surrounded by love, encouragements and acceptance all the time.

    11 Nov 009

     11 Nov 024

    11 Nov 030

    11 Nov 023

    Happy Birthday to Joey & Jayne’s Grandpa! =D


    Kristie said...

    OMG! The first 2 pics so farnee!!! =)