Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Moo Moo Year! (& the CNY Thief Scare!)

It's the Year of the Ox (mei-mei Jayne's year!) and jie-jie Joey had a lilac pink start on Day 1 of the New Year..

Lilac overall with lilac stockings and a lilac hairclip. Heee...

Not forgetting her new pink bag to keep all her ang pows in... and she's all ready to set off to Grandma's place at JB!

I actually would have lots of photos and things to talk about for our reunion lunch at JB, but something dramatic happened, so it didn't seem appropriate to whip out my camera all the time.

And the dramatic thing was...... My MIL and Joey were attacked by motorbike snatch thieves in JB!!!

Yeh, I know, how scary. Thank God they were not armed with parangs and did not attempt to take my daughter away! Isaiah and I were having breakfast at a nearby market, and grandma's place was just round the corner, so my MIL decided to walk over with Joey. Just when they turned into an alley, 2 Malays on motorbike stopped next to them and tried to snatch my MIL's handbag. My MIL held on tight to her handbag and Joey was left standing by herself at the side. She started whiling really loudly while my MIL was shouting & screaming for help. Thank God there was an Uncle in a car who stopped behind them and quickly got down to chase the thieves away! But what a big scare they got!!!! And the story became the highlight of the talk during reunion lunch. I was just glad that both of them escaped with barely some scratches and nothing else was lost. Thank you Jesus for protection!!

And so, that was our very adventurous Day 1 of CNY. Back at my aunt's place, Joey was back to her usual cheerful & hyper mode, though she would gladly tell the whole story of the snatch thieves to anyone who asked her.

Day 2 was a little more normal of a CNY holiday. =P We met my parents for reunion lunch at Jumbo Seafood at East Coast. The food was good!! And of course, there was my favorite lou hei!

Scallops with veggies

Steamed cod fish

Chili crabs

Hongkong noodles

Desserts longan almond jelly

It was really a nice feeling to be on East Coast beach on Day 2 of CNY. There were not many people strolling along the beach, though there were hundreds of tents set up on the other side. So many people were camping there! =D Looked like a mega campsite...

Then we went to walk walk at the nearby Parkway Parade, but majority of the shops were still closed! diaoz... ended up just taking photos of the moo moos outside the shopping mall... =D

Quite frankly, CNY is really just a very relaxing time for me and to spend time with my loved ones. Apart from that, it's actually quite boring because most shops & shopping malls are closed. I don't have many relatives in Singapore, so I don't have that many visitations to do. I can't imagine how boring it must be for non Chinese races. =P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Every Morning Is The Same

Do mummies who send their kids to childcare centres face the same problem every morning?

My Joey wakes up everymorning, and seeing that we are preparing her to go out, will ask where we are bringing her. The answer will always be, 'We're going to school!', which will then bring forth a response of 'I don't want to go to school!'


Will this phase ever pass, u think?

My MIL believes it's because the teachers must have punished her before in school, and that's why she resists going to school. I personally do not think so. I think every kid (or almost every kid) will behave like that in the mornings, especially when they have to wake up so early and be hastily dressed to go school. Their moods probably won't be that fantastic right? Even as a kid myself, I also had mornings when I wished I didn't have to go to school. I think it's just her way of telling me that she wished I didn't have to leave for work, because school = mummy & daddy are leaving for work and can't stay with joey. Makes sense?

Anyway, just in case my MIL was right, I questioned Joey this morning:

Mummy: Joey, did your teachers scold you or beat you in school?

Joey: No.....

Mummy: Did your friends scold you or push you in school?

Joey: No......

Now, if you think I am being a very naive mummy to believe in what my 3-year-old kid says, I can tell you she is as trustworthy (if not more so) than any adult. Kids usually will tell you every small detail, especially those they are unhappy about.

Oh, I forgot to share with you guys that she came home one day last week telling us that the teachers bathed her in cold water in school. I asked the teachers immediately the next day, and now Joey comes home everyday and told me that showers are now done with warm waters. Haha, see? Complaining works!

And so, this morning I made a hi-five promise with joey that she will stop saying, 'I don't want to go to school' tomorrow. This psycho-emo thing is not very good for mornings.

We'll see if it works.

And........... we finally got one set of T-shirt uniform for Joey! It was out of stocks till a few days back. We're still waiting for the official uniform to come in stock. But this is cute enough for me! =D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And She Shall Be Called….

..................................... BABY JAYNE.

Jayne (English origin) : Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favour.

Jayne (Hebrew origin) : Gift from God.

Pronounced as 'Jane'. (some people have asked me if it's Jay-Ner, or Jay-Ne... kekeke.. nope, it just sounds like jane)

And her chinese name will be 关以心.

以 - 以马内利(神与我同在)Emmanuel

心 - heart

以心爱神, 以心爱人.......

It is our hope that our little girl will be one who will love God & people wholeheartedly, and puts her heart into everything that she does in life. Because everything in life comes from the heart and revolves around the heart.

She'll be a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. :)

The Name Is Important

To me, choosing a name is very important. It's not just about the spelling, the sound of it or how nice and uncommon it is. But rather, it's the meaning of the name that really matters to me.

I know God feels the same way too. Otherwise He wouldn't have put the creativity in Adam to be able to name every creature and plant that He created in the Garden of Eden. Throughout the bible, we also saw how names determine the destiny of people, and how their names often represent who they are and what they will do in life. There's power in names.

See Joey? She's a real active girl, just like a baby kangaroo - joey (haha!). And her favorite everyday-action has got to be hopping and jumping around.

Her Chinese name 关以旋 means music & melody, and we have discovered that she has keen interest in singing and music. She's also especially sensitive to tempo, rhythm and tunes. That was exactly what we had hoped for. :)

And that is why when Isaiah and I named our girls, we always look at their meanings and whether they meant anything significant. It's the parents' prayer to God to move in a specific anointing in their kids' lives. :)

Joey & Jayne. (Doesn't this look cute??!)

hahahahahaha.. I am going overboard with this naming business....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joey Is On MC Today

My MIL was telling me that kids who go to childcare for the first time will inevitably fall sick within the first month. I was hoping that strong Joey will be one of those rare ones who will not fall sick, but she did.

We saw it coming. Her super red lips, and very 'sexy' voice. Ya, she almost lost all her voice because she was too heaty and probably not drinking enough water. We reckon the teachers in school won't keep prompting them to drink water unless during the designated water-drinking times. So unless Joey asks for her water bottle herself, she would drink alot less water compared to last time. And with all the new things she's facing everyday, the physical toil and all.

Yesterday at around 6pm when isaiah was on his way to pick up Joey, the teacher called to say that Joey was running a temperature of 37.5 degrees and they are sponging her to cool her down. By the time Isaiah picked her, she was already at 38.2 degrees. Brought her to the doctor, took her meds and she fell asleep at 9 plus. Thank God the meds kicked in immediately and her temperature came down very quickly. I think I almost woke up every hour last night, and she was alright till this morning around 5am when the temperature came up a little again. So today, she's at home with my MIL, and officially on her first MC from school.

Pray that Joey will recover fully today and can be back at school tomorrow!

Monday, January 12, 2009

“I Don’t Want To Go To School!”

I've wondered to myself about this question before. What if one day, Joey comes to me and tells me she doesn't want to go to school? Can I handle that?

It definitely came faster than I thought. I had thought it might come when she's in Primary school or something.

For 2 or 3 mornings, she has been telling us, 'I don't want to go to school...'

Sigh. Tough choice.

It was already not easy leaving her in a school, and it's not making things easier when she expressly says so herself.

Though she usually just eases into the school routine after a while, in the mornings, she always looked reluctant to go to school. And alot of prep talk like her friends her waiting for her, and there's the playground in school and nice food got to be said in the mornings.

This morning, Isaiah sent her to school by himself and his heart was broken when he had no choice but to leave her for work and she was screaming and crying like crazy. Monday blues. Poor daddy was so traumatised. Well, mostly, it was me who handled such things last time.

So I nervously called the school around breakfast time and teacher told me she had stopped crying 5 mins after Isaiah left and was already happily eating her 2nd helping of breakfast cereals. Phew.. Thank God for that.

But I think she will chant her "I-dont-want-to-go-to-school" tomorrow morning again. We'll see.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Zoo Is Very Cool!

I like what the zoo now offers. :) Apart from the many animals, they also have sampan rides and the new kids' world, which makes the whole place so much so interesting now!

Joey in the car, all excited to go to the zoo today!

We really enjoyed the sampan ride very much. The weather was just perfect - so much wind, and not much sun.

As we cruised along Seletar Reservoir to get to the kids' world, the guide explained to us what species we can find in the waters and in the sky, and what we can see around us.

The guide even got some kids to volunteer in helping to distribute the different specimens for the guests to see and touch. Things like feathers of a common bird that can be found at Seletar Reservoir, skin of a snake and some eggs... Quite interesting. :)

At the destination of the sampan ride is the kid's world. There are many animals for the kids to touch and feed, and pony rides, carriage rides etc.

Trying to feed the cow...

The ponies...

The goats..

Joey's probably wondering how come the rabbit has a big plate of her favorite veggie. Hehe...

And of course there's the water playground. But Joey didn't play for long because she's generally scared of the splashing waters.. haha..

But seriously, which kid won't get crazy over the playground?? Even I felt like going in to play!

The most exciting thing she did was probably when daddy accompanied her up to the slide area...

And she took the slide down...

You should see how green her face was when she reached the end of the slide. She was shocked by the water that splashed onto her face. Haha.. My girl's not a very water person eh?

Watch out for more photos when Daddy Isaiah uploads on his multiply. =D

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