Tuesday, June 30, 2009

40 Days Old

Baby Jayne has come into our lives for 40 days! =D

(which also means that 40 days have gone from my maternity leave. bleh)

I have been contemplating the whole day whether to bring Baby Jayne out shopping. It seems that I am a lot lazier nowadays compared to last time when Joey was a baby.

Perhaps I was younger and had more energy? Perhaps our current flat is not on a lift landing, so it’s logistically more challenging to bring baby out? I mean, last time I could just pop Joey into the stroller and off we go, even if it meant I had to walk 15 minutes from my house to the MRT station. Now, I got to figure out a way to bring the stroller down the stairs without any help. An alternative would be to bring Jayne out in the baby pouch. But apart from that, still got to pack all the diapers, milk powder, hot & cold water, bottles, extra clothes etc etc. Still got to carry that heavy bag along with the baby in the pouch. That’s a few kg at least. Hmmm… That makes me think twice before wanting to go out. =P

Maybe I will be able to find the strength to go out tomorrow, or the day after that, or … next week?? I hope so!


DSC05282  DSC05284






Now that she is beginning to smile more, she’s just showing  her adorable side all the time! And I’m looking forward to days ahead when she’ll be even more responsive!


Joey’s going to the Jurong Bird Park today with her teachers & classmates! How very fun!! Even childcare centres bring kids out  for excursions nowadays, so amazing!

During my generation, we’ll be super thrilled when our Primary School teachers bring us out for excursions to the zoo, science centre or bird park during school holidays. I remember that everyone of us would buy loads and loads of potato chips, prawn crackers, sweets, chocolates, etc etc to share on the bus journey. Oh, those happy times are memorable! =D

By the way, the bird park is possibly one of the very few tourist attractions that Joey has not been to before (she’s only been to the bird show outside the park for breakfast before –> click), so I am quite sure she’ll have such a great time there. They’ll even be having Mac’donalds for lunch!

Hope to hear stories from her when she’s back tonight! =D

Monday, June 29, 2009


I thought long and hard about it. To do it or not to do it.

What’s stopping me? That my daughter will be angry with me and boycott her own blog when she’s old enough, and get all her friends to boycott it as well?

I really don’t know.

I asked myself the same question many times before. Would I rather have tons of un-glam photos of me when I was little, or no photos at all. I chose the former.

And so, I decided to publish these un-glam photos of my little Joey. Un-glam as they may be (with mucus coming out of the nose and sweat all over her face. Hair strewn here and there too), I have to admit she has a face that I heart so very much! I know you do too!!!

DSC05256 DSC05249 DSC05250 DSC05252   DSC05255 DSC05254DSC05253

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nice Saturday

Had a pretty relaxed Saturday today. Brought the girls for lunch at our fav Thai restaurant at Yishun. Baby Jayne was wearing a dress from the watermelon series again. If you remember, she wore a romper with watermelon prints to church last week. This is another piece with exactly the same design but it’s a dress. Given to her by the same friend. :)


Baby Jayne sleeping in her car seat while we were eating. It’s really convenient to bring infants out for meals because we can just let them sleep in their car seats, but just lay a changing mat on the seats and they can sleep comfortably on it as well. :)


We like the food at this Little Thai restaurant because the dishes are tasty and reasonably priced, and their service is very fast.

Fried cuttlefish


Honey chicken cubes


Stir-fried Kai Lan Beef


Deep fried fish (their specialty dish!)


Then we brought the girls home for their afternoon naps, and in the evening, we brought Baby Jayne to a friend’s place to play Wii. Surprisingly, Joey doesn’t want to go with us, & rather watch cartoons at home. =P It’s Sunday tomorrow & we’re going to church! Gonna be a great day! =D

Friday, June 26, 2009

2 Kids

With the addition of Baby Jayne into the Kuan family, I’ve been trying to get used to having 2 kids at home, and managing both of them at the same time.

Yesterday was the first time we brought the 2 girls out by ourselves (previously we went out once or twice but always with my mum-in-law around). It was quite easy, because Isaiah could take care of Joey, and I took care of Jayne. Can’t imagine if we have 3 kids! Who will take care of the 3rd one??! Haha!

Before we went to Expo for SOS bible study, we went to have dinner at Sakae Sushi…

DSC05212 DSC05211

Baby Jayne was asleep on the changing mat on the seat..


Joey enjoying her Cha Soba..





And monkeying around with Daddy..




This was what Baby Jayne wore to church yesterday… A classic pooh set..




DSC05231 DSC05228

During the bible study, we initially wanted to leave Joey in the Children’s Church, so that I can be with Jayne in the nursery. But because it’s a bible study and not a regular service, they do not have programmes planned for the kids. It’s freeplay throughout the 4 hours, and they grouped a few age groups of kids together in one room to free up the rest to be used as overflow rooms.

The whole room was pretty crammed with toys everywhere and kids running around. When I checked in on Joey 10 minutes after I left her there, she was alone in one corner, stuffing  herself with biscuits I left for her and watching other older kids running around with teary eyes. Such a heartbreaking sight! I couldn’t bear to leave her inside for 4 whole hours, so I brought my 2 girls to artiste room insiead. The moment Joey saw me, she immediately hugged me and said, ‘Mummy, please stay with me? Please? Don’t leave me here alone…’ So poor thing. :(

And so, because I couldn’t bear to leave Joey inside the Children’s room, I had to jaga 2 girls in the artiste room for the 4 hours. Thank God Jayne was asleep most of the time, so it was not too bad. I just had to keep telling Joey to stop taking biscuits from the jar, water from the fridge, and stop making so much noise.

Yesterday in the artiste room, Jayne started wailing earlier than her expected feed time, and while she was crying super loudly, I had to try to make her milk while carrying her. Thankfully, Pastor Yong’s maid was free, so she offered to help me carry Jayne while I made the milk. After that, when I was feeding Jayne, Joey wanted to go to the toilet, so the maid helped me bring her to the toilet again. It’s times like these that i think having a helper around is very helpful. Haha..

But the experience did make me think about some things. For one, I probably won’t be able to bring both Joey & Jayne out alone by myself anytime soon. The reasons are pretty logical. When I’m feeding Jayne and Joey wants to go to the toilet, I can’t do it! I got to either bring Jayne into the toilet or Joey got to go toilet herself or at least hold the urine (if she can). And what if my Joey run off in a certain direction and I can’t chase after her with Jayne with me? All these are not terrible problems, just new ones to me which I need to learn how to overcome. Wish me all the best! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What If ….

It absolutely freaked me out yesterday when this thought suddenly creeped up to me: WHAT IF JOEY DOESN’T FEEL CLOSE TO ME ANYMORE?

You must understand that I’m not whining. You see, Joey goes to school everyday, and in the morning after she woke up and before she goes to school, I’m usually sleeping. That’s because Baby Jayne usually wakes up around 630am for a feed, and by the time Joey wakes up around 7.15am, I have finished feeding and has gone back to sleep. My mum-in-law is the one who gets her ready for school, and Isaiah fetches her to school before going to work himself.

Joey also sleeps with my mum-in-law’s room, and so every night, she’ll be the one putting her to sleep. Usually, the pre-sleeping routines of watching cartoons or reading bedtime stories are all done by my mum in law. It used to me and my mum-in-law taking turns to do it last time, but now with Jayne around, I spend a lot more time with her instead.

The only time I spend with Joey is probably the one or two hours after she comes back from school, eats dinner and before she heads into the bedroom for her cartoons. And even so, I don’t get to spend one-on-one time with her because in between, I  got to take care of Jayne (& watch my favorite drama on TV =P).

So, that explains why I suddenly thought that my Joey may lose her love for me as her mummy because I haven’t been spending much time with her as compared to last time.

I am very thankful that my mum-in-law is standing in the gap to provide the love for Joey while my attention is diverted to Jayne for this period of time. At least I know Joey will still experience and receive love and care from a close family member. But of course, I don’t ever want my mum-in-law to take my place as a mum to my kid, so I have to make effort in this area to fulfill my duties as a mum to Joey.

This is probably the transitional period, since Baby Jayne is still an infant and needs alot of care and attention. But I got to start thinking of way to spend quality time with Joey so that I don’t lose out on her growing up years…… Just thinking… :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woodwards Gripe Water

I wonder if you have ever taken this when you were little?


I remember that I liked drinking this when I was small, because it was sweet and quite tasty. Of course, then, I didn’t know why I had to drink it. It just tasted nice to me.

Now that I have kids of my own, I also bought this for them to drink because it has several benefits. It basically relieves gas in the stomach, aids in digestion and resolves heatiness.

Joey has been rather heaty recently, so in the nights, she doesn’t sleep very well, and keeps talking in her sleep. After taking 1 teaspoon of the Woodwards gripe water last night, she slept through the night soundly! Praise the Lord!


For Baby Jayne, the gripe water helps to remove the milk stains on her tongue. You can see the milk residue on her tongue in this photo quite clearly:


Babies drink so much milk and they always leave a thick residue on their tongues. The gripe water helps to remove it and makes it more comfortable for them. It also helps to relieve bloated-ness in their stomach.

Her Music Box

After watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney channel, Joey has been asking us to buy her a music box. So my MIL saw this nice little music box at Cityhall and bought it for her.


It’s also a jewelry box, so we kept her hairclips in it..







She’s happy with her music box! :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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