Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Time Is The Best

I enjoy spending time with my hubby & kids. It’s like the best time in the world!

Especially when Joey is so ah-hem eloquent, she will go on and on about what happened in school, what her teachers said and what she did. It’s fun listening to her talk. She’s just so funny & comical!


Tonight at dinner, she told us that one of her classmates dropped some biscuits onto the floor and he crashed them. I asked her if her teacher scolded the kid, she said, ‘No la.. Teacher Janet only said, ‘Oh no…….’ and she imitated her teacher’s facial expression and rolled her eyes, then laughed at herself right after that. Hahaha, so cute right?!




Dinner was at Lerk Thai!

Lychee smoothie


Papaya salad


Thai Beef kway tiao


Tom Yum Goong


Minced chicken with basil leaves


Thursday, July 30, 2009

When They Are Asleep…

DSC05752Looking at my children fall asleep is a very surreal experience.

Many random thoughts went through my mind as I was patting Joey to sleep tonight.

I always knew I want to have kids, but growing up, I never once tried to imagine what it would be like when I really have kids.

It was not because I don’t like kids. In fact, I love kids to bits. But, I never really thought seriously about having kids or when i was going to have them. I have never imagined myself as a mum.

Isaiah and I decided to try for a baby one fine day. We didn’t have lengthy discussions before our wedding as to when we will want to have kids. It was just something we knew we would do, but no plans yet, you know what I mean. But one fine day after we were married for three years, we just suddenly decided that it’s time to have kids, and thankfully, I was pregnant soon after that, and viola, today I have 2 beautiful girls to my name. On hindsight though, I ought to have put a lot more thought into something that took away all my freedom. What gave us the courage, I wonder? =P

As I was watching Joey fall asleep tonight, I suddenly felt very blessed to have her as my daughter. In the last three years, there were frustrating moments and times I wished life was different. But most of the time, I was filled with joy and happiness. Because of Joey, I have had one of the best 3 years of my life. Life has never been the same ever since I first laid my eyes on her. She’s the wittiest, smartest, prettiest and most adorable kid I’ve ever met.

Now with Baby Jayne, I feel even more like a proud mummy. She’s just so gorgeous and beautiful, and every time I stare into her little oval face (with that cute double chin), I fall in love with her over and over again. The reason why you keep seeing photos of her face here on this blog shows how much I want to show the world how lovely she is.

Before you think I am just a self-centered & arrogant mummy who thinks the world about her kids, ask any mum and I’m sure they feel the same way about their kids too. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joey’s 1st Class Photo

Joey took a class photo some time back and we finally received the photo in  hardcover folder today!

So cool, nowadays childcare centres also take class photos!


Where’s my darling??

Standing at the last row! There! =D


I wonder why everyone looks so solemn and not smiling??! I only spotted one boy in the first row who was smiling away. And check out how every kid’s tee was tucked neatly into the shorts and how high up the waist everyone’s shorts were worn! Haha…

The Little Cutie Pie














Seeing & Giggling

Baby Jayne has entered a new milestone in her growth and now, she’s able to lock onto an object, stare at it, follow it and giggle at it. Mad cute, I tell you.

And so, the whole of yesterday, during all her waking moments, I had been waving colorful toys that make jingles in front of her and watching her grin and giggle (still silent giggles at this moment). Her head will also follow the toy as I move it from left to right and right back to left.

<\/param><\/embed><\/object><\/div>";" alt="">

I swear that Baby Jayne has got dimples, but it mostly only appears on her left side of the face. Once in a while, the dimple on the right appears. Weird eh? =D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It’s About Time…

that I shared about my road to recovery after my 2nd C-section surgery.

I didn’t dare to share this any earlier for fear of causing a mini commotion among friends who care for me. Whenever someone asked me whether my C-section wound has recovered, I would say ‘Yes’ and that there’s no more pain.

That answer was theoretically correct for the 1st two-three weeks post-partum. My wound healed really well right after the operation and it was true that I did not experience much pain at all for the beginning stage.

Starting from the 3rd week after my operation, I started to feel some pain directly above the C-section incision (where they cut me up). The whole area was reddish, and when I touched it, it felt lumpy. The pain was mildly throbbing constantly, but when I touched it, it was quite bad.

I had always thought that the only bad thing about going for C-sections instead of natural birth was that the recovery takes longer. Understandably so, since they cut you up so deep and then sew you back. Other than that, there are no other risks associated with the procedure, whatsoever.

Let’s just say I was very misinformed.

I googled about complications arising from C-sections, infections related to C-sections, etc etc, and to my horror of horrors, I found many websites & forums on such topics. The thousands of women who shared their experiences in them had gone through horrible stuffs after their C-sections and I shivered reading through some of them.

1 woman shared that her C-section incision was excruciatingly painful right after her operation and she had to readmit into hospital a week after she was discharged because of infection of the incision area. The doctor opened up the incision again (ekks!), dig into the wound with her gloved hands (double ekks!) and cleared the greenish pus that had accumulated inside of her wound (triple ekks!!!). Needless to say, the pain was worse than any other pains she has experienced. Oh my gosh. Something must have gone terribly wrong during the operation.

This other woman was even ‘crippled’ and could not walk anymore due to some complications that arose from the operation. She has been on a wheelchair since the day her baby was born.

Many other women shared similar experiences of having to go back to the hospital to have their wounds opened up again to be washed so as to get rid of the infection bacteria. Majority still experience pains even 9 months to a year after their operations! Unimaginable!

There were of course many others who experienced their wounds splitting open as well. I was numb with fear when I read about those, because I had discovered that one small little portion of my wound had opened up slightly. Not opened up, as in blood oozing out, but I could see red flesh in between the stitches. Yes, it was really gross. I freaked out! The symptoms & pain the women described sounded very much like what I was experiencing! My first C-section was nothing like this! I did not experience any pains near the incision area weeks after the operation!

Nope, I did not immediately consult a doctor. I was a scaredy cat. I could not imagine myself having to go through another ‘cutting’ up incase it was really an infection. I admit, running away does not solve any problem. BUT, everything was just my own guesses based on what I read from the internet! I may not be having an infection, and it could well be just a normal process of recovery. I decided to wait and see for another week. In the meantime, keep praying for the best.

Thankfully, the pain did subside after a few days and while I could still feel the lump above the incision, it was getting smaller and less painful to touch. Eventually, the pain completely went away along with the swell, and now, I am just happy that the wound is completely healed. Doctors did say that a C-section wound takes 2 months to heal, so I am on track.

Seriously, this whole experience freaked me out quite bad, and IF I decide to have a 3rd child, I might want to try for a natural birth. A 3rd C-section seemed just too scary for me.

A Bonding

From what I remember, building a bond with Baby Jayne is a lot  easier than with Baby Joey 3 years ago.

When Baby Joey was born, I was a first-time mum, knew nuts about taking care of kids, was slightly traumatised & upset by the fact that I couldn’t deliver her naturally & had to go for an emergency C-section at midnight after trying for more than 15 futile hours. I was emotionally drained, physically and financially stressed out. Bonding with my baby was not something easy for me to do then.

Coupled with the fact that my mum-in-law primarily took care of Baby Joey, so that i could recuperate and rest, I admit that I felt depressed many, many times because I could feel that Baby Joey preferred my mum-in-law over me anytime. I remember those times when I could not pacify Baby Joey from her loud wailings no matter what I did, and how she would stop crying immediately when my mum-in-law took over. My self-esteem and confidence as a new mother completely crashed to rock bottom for a period of time.

Now with Baby Jayne, I am an experienced mum, and a whole lot more confident than the first time round obviously, so I was the main caregiver to her. My mum-in-law takes care of Joey so that I can concentrate on caring for Jayne. The bonding with Baby Jayne came very naturally and a lot easier.


It is flattering to know that Baby Jayne can recognise me her mum (okay, maybe she doesn’t know the idea of mum yet, but she knows I am someone important ok??!), and she prefers me over anyone else. (Papa Isaiah, don’t be jealous. ha!) You should see the way she looks at me now. It’s like I am the MOST BEAUTIFUL creature on this earth (which is true).

Because of Baby Jayne’s fussy milk-drinking problem now, my mum-in-law has tried feeding her a few times but gave up after she wouldn’t stop crying and had to pass back to me to feed her the ‘Jayne’ way [Defn: A way of feeding Jayne so that she would not cry].


Seriously, I felt victorious! Hey, my baby prefers ME! Me, Me, Me and nobody else!~ *hops around madly happy*

You see now why I say mums go through emotional roller-coasters all the time? One moment, I’m feeling guilty, another moment I’m feeling proud, and now I’m feeling madly happy.

That’s motherhood for you. :)

This Sibling Business

Sometimes I get all emo & wishy-washy about this sibling business that even I can’t stand myself.

When I see my 2 girls, I can’t help but think about how blessed Joey is to have a little sister like Jayne and how blessed Jayne is to have a big sister like Joey. If I ever only have 2 kids, they will be the only sibling to each other all their lives. Just like how my little brother only has me and I only have him. Just like how my husband only has his little brother and his little brother only has him. Awwwww…


Then again, I think the sibling business is never quite the same between a brother & a sister, as compared to between 2 sisters or 2 brothers. Somehow, the gender plays a significant difference in the way siblings respond and react to each other as they are growing up.

While my mum had been lamenting during my pregnancy days that she wished my 2nd child is a boy, when Baby Jayne was born, she started to say things like, ‘Actually, having 2 girls is good hor? Look at the way they love each other. It’s just so endearing.’


The truth is, even though I really like my little brother (not that little anymore though. He’s 27 this year) a lot now, I don’t remember having any liking for him while growing up. Quite frankly, I only remember those times I totally detested him and found him a complete nuisance (opps). I even conjured vicious scheming tricks just to get him punished or caned by my mum. Yeh, I was that horrible myself. But they were really funny.

Siblings are important people in our lives who grow up together with us, pretty much experience the same childhood as us, and endure through the same canings & scolding by our parents. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, we will always have each other to cover our backside and believe in us. How wonderful!

The Adorable Baby Stage

Baby Jayne is 2 months & 1 week old now.


She’s a  real darling to be with because she loves to smile, coo and make funny noises when we talk to her. Such a communicative baby that it’s hard not to adore her.

I am loving this baby stage. I can just hold her & look into her eyes all day long. She’d stare back and I can see so much emotions going on her little oval face. I can almost foresee that she’ll be a real talkative communicative baby when she starts to talk. Already now without the ability to use words, she can ‘say’ so much with just sounds & noises.

Yet on the other hand, I am wishing that she’ll quickly grow up, walk & talk and I can bring my girls for fun outdoor plays or some interesting excursions. It would be so much fun seeing my two girls walk hand in hand, play & laugh together, & soaking up life in its fullest.

Before that happens, I guess I’ll just enjoy cuddling my chubby baby girl & appreciating her toothless grins. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congratulate Me, Won’t Ya? :)


Hip Hip Hurray!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Hip Hip Hurray!


Now, I am really thankful for this because I know I cannot take it for granted. I have friends who still need to wake up in the middle of the night to feed their kids even though they are coming to one year old. And barely two months old, Jayne has already slept through the night for the 1st time.

I last fed her the previous night at 1245am before I slept, and she slept through until she cried for milk again at 645am. That’s a total of 6 continuous hours of undisturbed sleep! I felt like I lived again! And mind you, she was practically sleeping throughout the whole day before that apart from feeding time as well.

Baby Joey slept through the night for the first time when she was 6 weeks old (You can read about it here!) Baby Jayne is not bad too, and has done it at 8 weeks. God is truly good to me. I am a blessed mama. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bookworms In The Making

I know we’re really slow in this, but Joey finally got her own library card! Haha!

And we made one for Baby Jayne as well, so that Joey can borrow up to 12 books if she wants to!


Looks like we’ll be going to the library alot more now!


I have a soft spot for fried chicken. I really do.

Papa Isaiah brought us to Waffletown fast food outlet for dinner yesterday, and if it’s just another fast food outlet, it’s not even worth mentioning here on my mega famous blog, but Waffletown was actually the very FIRST place he held a part-time job. Plus, the fried chicken is awesome.


Sorry, the fried chicken just looked too tempting. I had to take a bite before remembering to take out my camera. =P


This is their grilled fish with rice…



 DSC05694 DSC05695



And of course, how can we not try waffles with ice cream at Waffletown?


 DSC05702 DSC05703

Their fried chicken has won my heart! I’ll be back again. ;)

The 1st Question Has Come

I should have seen it coming. But, I really didn’t think it would be this soon. My Joey is still a baby, isn’t she? She still goes gaga over Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons on Disney Channel, hums Barney songs and wears pretty much what I pick out for her to wear, doesn’t she?

It’s my fault. I ought to be more prepared for this. I had naively thought that I would handle everything with professionalism and great wisdom. After all, I supposedly should have gazillion tons more wit than my little baby girl, isn’t it? Is it?

The fateful day was Thursday, July 23, 2009. Yesterday.


Joey was in my bedroom when she saw me open up a SANITARY PAD (sorry boys, you might experience some discomfort reading this particular entry). As per her usual personality, she immediately asked, ‘Mummy, what’s that?’

I was stumped for a total of 3 seconds.

Of course, I would love to tell her that it’s a sanitary pad, and women need to use it because they go through menstruation every month which is basically the shedding of the uterine lining or endometrium, and it occurs on a regular basis in reproductive-age females of certain mammal species.

But of course, that was not what I said.

Amidst my stammering errr-s.. and ahhh-s, I managed to utter something which I thought was at her level of understanding. Ahem. ‘It’s for collecting something. Mummy needs to put it on the panty.’

Silence. She didn’t look one bit convinced. Silence.

“Collect what?”

My heart sank. Come on, I can’t possibly tell her it’s for collecting BLOOD right? That will scare the wits out of her and possibly smear her innocent childhood! She might never want to grow up!

“Errr… something dirty la…” (desperately thinking of something else to say to divert her attention away)

More silence.

Then all of a sudden, her eyes lit up with elated understanding of Mummy’s parables and she blurted, “Oh I know, it’s a DIAPER! Right?” then proceeded to stare at me with the most beautiful innocent round eyes in this whole world.

I just said yes as softly as possible (totally un-intelligent, I admit) and quickly changed our topic to what she ate in school for lunch yesterday.

See. I totally ruined it.

Oh my gosh, my girl is slowly morphing into a young lady day by day and soon enough, she’ll be ushered into the world of stomach cramps & PMS! *breaks out in nervous laugh*

I am so not looking forward to the day when she will ask me where she came from and how did daddy & mummy make Baby Jayne go into mummy’s tummy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My 2 Awesome Girls

When I look at Joey these days, I always feel a sense of pride within me.

Before Baby Jayne came along, Joey was the only precious gem and darling in the house and everyone’s attention is solely showered upon her. She gets all the presents, all the kisses & hugs, and all the praises for being such a good girl who says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

I think we spoil her at times.

Now with a little sister in the picture to share all the good things in life with her, Joey has been taking it in a very good spirit, I must say. Apart from occasional fights for attention, Joey has shown herself to be a very understanding and sensible big sister.

In the mornings, she wants to kiss Baby Jayne goodbye before going to school. In the evenings, Baby Jayne is the first person she looks for when she steps into the house. She showers her with generous head-patting (a little too rough at times no doubt) and kisses on the forehead. She calls her name lovingly and tries to calm her down when she is crying. She waves noisy-rattling toys infront of her when she starts fussing. When we are all in the living room and she hears Baby Jayne cry from the bedroom, she would say, ‘No one is with Yixin (Jayne’s chinese name), we should go and accompany her.’ Joey is like the dream big sister I never had.

Baby Jayne, on the other hand, has a special love for her big sister. Out of nowhere, she will suddenly break into a big grin when she hears her Jie Jie talk in the background. She loves to hear her voice and would smile readily at her anytime. I would swear there must be something going on between the two of them (except I’m not supposed to swear, sorry).

When I needed to attend to Baby Jayne first, Joey would retreat and play on her own until I’m freed up again. I adore her for her understanding and for being a caring big sister.

Joey is only slightly over three years old, yet she is able to take on this huge lifelong responsibility as a big sister with such gusto and joy. The thought of it makes me squirm with ‘awwww-s’ inside of me every time I observe the tenderness between the two sisters. I seriously can’t wait for them to grow up together, go shopping, go watch movies, go for manicures and go for double dates together! That would be so awesome!

By then, I can go travel around the world with Mr Kuan and leave the 2 girls at home to take care of themselves. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out Comes The Sarong Again

As part of my desperate measures to get Baby Jayne to nap during the day, I’ve taken out the sarong rocker again. Joey has had many sweet dreams in the sarong rocker, and it has proven itself to be a great stimulant for inducing sleep. I don’t even have to rock her, and she would fall asleep by herself.

I wish I could say the same for Baby Jayne.



Yep, the photos said it all. She would stay wide awake in the sarong and still not sleep, despite me rocking it like crazy! Sometimes, she can see the light shining through the little holes in the sarong and she would smile happily at them. Urghhhhh! This is not the time to act cute, baby!

I just put her into the sarong again. I pray that today will be a better day.

Paid for A 安心

Brought Baby Jayne to Gleneagles this morning to see Dr Yip to find out if there’s any problems with her gums or throat that is causing her to resist the milk bottle.

Dr Yip opened her mouth and shone a torchlight in to check for ulcers, and he could not find any at all. Not on her gums, nor her throat. So it’s fine, no problems at all.

He listened to her stomach and also said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her.

He said that some babies reject the milk bottle at the 6-7 week mark because they are slowing down in their growth. It’s kinda like a milestone they hit in their growing spurt after birth, so rejecting the bottle is a normal and common thing. I just need to drag the feeding time so that when she gets the milk, she’s really hungry and will not put up a fight. It supposedly should go away at most after a few weeks.

Dr Yip also commented that she’s growing very well. She’s weighing 5.2kg now, and her milk consumption volume is very good. :)

When I asked him why Baby Jayne suddenly doesn’t nap during the day, he also said it’s very normal! He even commented, ‘You should be glad she is active in the day and sleeps during the night.’ That’s true huh. She has been sleeping 5-hour blocks during the night. Fingers crossed, she’ll sleep through the night very soon!

OK, at least I feel more at ease now, knowing that she’s doing good and no illness whatsoever!

Guess what Baby Jayne was doing throughout the examination? She was just smiling from ear to ear at Dr Yip, as if he was a long lost friend! She did not flitch when the cold stethoscope was pressed on her warm body. She did not resist even when Dr Yip used a wooden ice cream stick to pry open her mouth and went in as deep as the entrance of her throat! I am beginning to think that children doctors have some kind of special powers that make kids adore them!

Oh wait. I suddenly remembered what happened when I brought Joey to see Dr Yip some time back. She kicked him! Read about it here.

Going by my habit, I have to end this post with some awesome photos!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exhausted Mama

I am not sure what is wrong with Baby Jayne but I am pretty sure she’s not feeling well somewhere.

All of a sudden, instead of appreciating her coo-coo cuteness, I desperately wished she can talk to me like Joey can, so that I know what is causing her discomfort.

For 3 days, she would burst into tears the moment I insert the milk bottle teat into her mouth. It takes at least 5 minutes of constant loud wailing before she would finally settle down & suck. Every feed time felt like battle.

I can only guess that maybe she has ulcers on her gums, or throat, which makes drinking very painful for her, and therefore she resists the bottle. BUT, the bewildering thing is that she can drink water from the bottle with no problems at all! I next guessed it could be the temperature which caused the disparity, so I tried to make her milk cooler. She still went through the screaming rut before willing to drink. Tried to check her gums and the inside of her mouth, but I couldn’t find any whitish spots (ulcers), so I guess maybe not.

I even went to the extreme of guessing that perhaps Baby Jayne is starting her teething, which is just very ridiculous. Hello, she’s only a two-month-old! What does she need teeth for now?!!!

As if fighting against her main source of nutrients is not enough, she fights sleep during the day now! For 2 days in a row, she refused to sleep during the day. Before that, she had been on a daily routine of drink, sleep, drink, sleep throughout the day & night, with hardly any waking moments. The weird thing is that instead of being grouchy & whiney due to lack of sleep, she would coo, smile and play with us when we carry her. She just refuse to be lying down on the bed. The moment we do that, she starts fussing immediately. What a temper she’s got! But seriously, it’s worrying me because babies supposedly grow only when they sleep!

A desperate me googled to find out why babies don’t sleep during the day, and realised that there are many women out there with the same problem as well. All of a sudden, their babies refused to sleep during the day! I did feel slightly better knowing I am not alone, but still?

Tomorrow I’m bringing Jayne to see Dr YY Yip. Hopefully, he can offer a much better explanation than my wild guesses.

Incoherent Ramblings

Having 2 kids makes a lot of room for guilt to creep in.

There is of course the guilt of neglecting the elder child because I now have to focus on the younger & more needy one. Especially when Joey is in school the whole day, and when she is finally home by night and brings me a story book or coloring book and all I could say to her is, ‘Sorry baby, mummy needs to take care of mei mei first.’ (somebody slap me please.) I do try to feed Jayne in the evening before Joey reaches home so that I can spend some quality time with Joey when Jayne is asleep, but it does not always work out well that way.

Joey’s wearing a very big pair of shoes as an elder sister. She needs to be understanding & accommodating whenever her sister needs the mummy more. She needs to learn how to play by herself and entertain herself when Mummy’s too busy to play with her. She needs to bathe herself and put on her own clothes when mummy’s carrying the sister. So far, I am proud to say that she has done such an incredible job as an elder sister. Her love for her sister is just amazing.

Then there is also a guilt associated with the younger child. Since it’s my 2nd time round going through the whole rut again, many things do not appear fascinating to me anymore. I read back Joey’s old blog entries and I was amused at the smallest details I blogged about then. I would rave at how Joey first smiled at me, how she flipped over for the first time, etc etc. Now, for number 2, these topics do not seem exciting enough for me to blog about anymore.

I remembered for Joey, I bought tons and tons of beautiful & pretty clothes, accessories, shoes, hair clips every other week. For Jayne, she’s wearing a lot of Joey’s hand-me-downs and I don’t think I’ve bought more than 5 pieces of clothing for Jayne yet. Sigh.

I hope it’s the same with every parent with multiple number of kids, so that I am not the only loser around.

This is probably a bad time for me to conclude anything, but I really do think that two is enough. (Until I feel up to it again! Haha!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Jayne Is 2 Months Old!

Baby Jayne turned 2 months old today!

BUT… we’ve had a really rough day.

She slept very well last night from 1am till 6am this morning, so I was secretly clapping my hands inside my heart that she’s showing signs of sleeping through the night!

Fed her milk at 6am and she continued sleeping until 1030am. Bathed her and fed her, and she slept again till 2pm. From 2pm onwards, my nightmare started. She was cranky and whiney and refused to sleep! She fell asleep many times in my arms actually, but the moment I put her down on the bed, she will start crying. This repeated many times throughout the whole of today. When I carried her, she would only be okay if she’s carried upright. The moment I tried let her sleep on my arms, she will start to fuss.

My aching back was actually much better this morning, and I was happy that I could finally bend my back again. But after a whole day of carrying and rocking Jayne, the ache’s back again. Sigh..

Thank God, Baby Jayne is finally asleep now (1015pm), and I would like to think it’s because of this miracle powdery product known as Pak Poh Powder. Bought it from Eu Yan Seng and it supposedly works to calm the nerves of kids so that they can sleep better. Joey used to take this too, and we’ve seen how it worked wonders to let her have a good night’s sleep.


But good things always come with a price. Inside this package, there are 6 small bottles like this one:


Instructions say that for kids below 2 years old, they should take one bottle twice a day. But, we only gave Jayne 1/3 of a bottle since she’s still so young. Joey took the rest. Each small bottle costs around $5.00 each. Very expensive eh?

BUT… after feeding Jayne the miracle powder, she fell asleep! And that’s like after 8 hours of non-sleep! Man, I am seriously exhausted now.. and back’s aching like crazy! I better go take my meds. Ciao…

Monday, July 20, 2009

We Went ‘Sou Sou’

‘Sou sou’, as in walk walk in hokkien. Heee…

So angry with myself for forgetting to bring my camera yesterday (I don’t think it has ever happened!!!), so I took photos on my faithful ole E71. Haha..

In the morning on our way to church!


Baby Jayne in church!





Arranged to have dinner at Mushroom Pot with my gang of friends yesterday, and since we had a lot of time after church service before dinner, we went to ‘sou’ at the new Orchard Central Mall. Joey met Mr Ice Blended from Coffeebean at the entrance of the mall!


Then we went to hang out on this lovely bridge at Kallang Stadium before dinner at Mushroom Pot…




19072009069 19072009070




Bringing 2 kids out for steamboat dinner is really not easy… It’s generally warmer in steamboat restaurants, so Baby Jayne couldn’t sleep tight at all in the stroller. In the end, I had to carry her throughout the dinner. In between, still to bring Jie Jie Joey to the toilet, and keep asking her to eat more. Sigh, really a very tiring dinner at me, but thank God, the fellowship & chit chatting with my gang was great as usual.

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