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Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Girly Girl

I have 2 girls, and even though they are both girls, they are different.

Joey is more of a ‘boyish’ girl. Even though she loves princesses, pink stuffs and all things girly, she actually enjoys playing with cars, trucks and the boyish stuffs.

Baby Jayne, on the other hand, is really a girly girl. She gets all excited and happy whenever she sees a soft toy. She wants to touch it, hug it and even talks to it. She lovingly calls every soft toy ‘Bear Bear’.


When I had Joey, I kept expecting her to love dolls & soft toys, because I thought all little girls love them! It was a social norm I put upon her simply because she is a girl. I bought lots of soft toys for herm, but none interests her. Haha.. When it’s Baby Jayne’s turn, I didn’t buy any soft toys at all, but she found her interest in all of Jie Jie’s soft toys. =P


Another thing she loves to do is that she loves to rest her head on us. It makes her so endearing! :)


Every child is unique and special, and it’s fun discovering their likes and dislikes. That’s one of the most interesting things about parenthood, I guess. =D



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