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Friday, August 13, 2010

Malacca Nights

When we were in Malacca last weekend, we walked the streets of Malacca on the two nights we were there. The nights in Malacca were busy & bustling with energy because it was the weekend and their infamous weekend market – Jonker Street market was open for business!

Pretty lights everywhere we went. =)



Love how beautiful the nights are in Malacca, really!


And how peaceful this street was. There was nobody walking around and hardly any cars!



Possibly my most favourite shot of the trip! I think this tells a story all on its own. =)


One of Malacca’s signatures is their brightly lit trishaws full of colourful lights playing mostly techno music! These trishaws charge a small fee to bring tourists around the city centre of Malacca. Here’s Joey with the many trishaws behind her! Very wayang!


Jonker Street!


Super crowded with lots of people! And the street was SOOOOO long that our legs got so tired from all the walking!


But it was really fun to roam through the streets, checking out what the different stalls are selling and the interesting snacks & drinks they have! =D




The stalls were mostly selling T-shirts, slippers, mobile phone accessories, interesting knick-knacks, snacks… All very cheap, but don’t expect high quality here of course.


Right smack in the middle of the street was a Hokkien Huey Kwan, and there were people taking turns to sing karaoke inside! Pretty amusing. =)


Was also shocked to pass by a funeral parlour along the way, and there was actually a funeral going on inside. *faint* There were only 3 or 4 family members inside the parlour keeping watch, and I thought it was a really strange feeling seeing something so lonely and empty in the midst of a super busy street. What a big contrast.

Lots of local snacks on sale as well! Dried Mee Hun Kway for sale. How convenient, I thought!

IMG_1650 IMG_1652

And I was happy to find a snack I really enjoyed! Tornado Potatoes! =)


And guess what I bought from Jonker Street? =)


2 pairs of kawaii slippers for RM10!! What a steal! That worked out to be less than S$2 per pair. =)

On our way back to the hotel, we passed by a small street with a few stalls and decided to check it out. The stalls were nothing interesting, but we were happy to chance upon this stall that sells yummy icy cold Lo Han drink!


It was so thirst-quenching and totally reminded me of a similar stall in Kuala Lumpur night market! I thought I wouldn’t be able to find the same taste elsewhere! Joey totally loved it!


Back to the hotel after our long journeys of walking, and standing by the windows, we can’t help but be amazed at how beautiful this ancient city is by night. :)


Farewell Malacca, we’ll be back again someday. =D

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