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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“I Want To Try…”

You know, sometimes we adults try too hard to put the kids into a a fixed frame. We have been conditioned by how this world and society works and there’re laws and rules that have been subconsciously imprinted into our minds that sometimes, we rule out possibilities on an auto-pilot basis. Kids, on the other hand, do not carry such unnecessary burdens.

My household recently had a new addition and this new addition has been the main source of entertainment for everyone in the household – My husband, me, my 2 kids and my mum-in-law. You’ve guessed it, it’s the IPAD.

You can imagine how much we need to ration the precious toy because everyone has a favourite app on it. We basically have to do it on a rotation basis so that everyone has a chance to play on it the whole day. We even categorise the apps to different pages so that the hubby’s apps are all on one page, mine on another and the kids’ on yet another.

So I’m sure you can imagine my impatience when Joey overruns her usage time and keeps jumping in and out of different apps that she doesn’t know how to use. Every time I download a new app, and she notices a new icon ON MY PAGE OF APPS, she wants to click on it and fiddle with it even though she definitely doesn’t know how to play those games. I kept nagging at her, ‘Joey! You won’t know how to play this game! This game is not for your age!’ or ‘Joey… can you play don’t click on Mummy’s games? Those are for adults, not children!!!’

Yesterday afternoon, Joey blurted out, ‘But Mummy, I want to try.’

It was a casual remark, but it stumped me for a while. Maybe I should have made room for her to to try and experiment? Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her to keep to what’s socially acceptable for her age? Maybe I should encourage her instead of pulling her back every time she wants to try something that will expand her capacity? Her willingness to learn and try new things should be praised, isn’t it??

So I adjusted my attitude, and started teaching her to play one of the games I’ve been playing but definitely not a game she’d understand. It took me quite a while to explain to her how it works. She seemed to understand, but not really. After a while, she skipped to another game. The point is, she may not have really understood how the game is played, but she sure demonstrated effort and the willingness to want to learn. For that, I give her full marks.

I say, my kids teach me a million different things everyday. God may have put me in their lives to nurture and teach her, but they too teach me in more ways than one. :)