Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 5Cs of Childhood

I came across this article in Today’s Parents magazine two weeks ago, and thought it’s good material to share with all of you. After reading it, I pondered on my two kids and realised I’ve been doing some really good things, but there’re also other areas I need improvement in. :)

The 5Cs of childhood do not refer to condo, cash, credit card etc of course. =) Different from an adult’s world, a child’s world is all about character development and learning how to be a good person. We, parents, can become the nurturer of good character and values in our kids.


She may not be fantastic at soccer, but she plays it anyway.

This is your child’s belief in her own abilities, talents and problem-solving skills. Confidence gives the drive to tackle fresh challenges and learn new ideas. It creates a can-do attitude in all areas of her life.

Emphasize your kid’s strengths, take small steps to lead her towards achieving a specific goal, enjoy success with your kid and make loving contact by praising her for her effort every time.


Standing tall, come what may.

Personal attractiveness – a quality that makes a child interesting to others, thereby giving them the ability to influence them. Makes a good leader and naturally stands out from a group.

Verbalise feelings, positive body language, reflect others’ feelings, be respectful, express ideas.


One can always start with caring for one’s toys first.

Genuinely cares about those around her – family, friends and the community. Kind and considerate and does what she can to relieve the distress of other people.

Ask her to help whenever possible, discuss world issues, be charitable, recycle and watch pro-social media.


Drawing expresses her creative ideas

Extent to which the child looks at the world around her in new, original and exciting ways.

Praise her imaginative efforts, ask ‘creative’ questions, identify talents, show by example, encourage free play.


Auntie Shirley, who took care of her in the office nursery for a year.

Child’s relationship with the people around her. Includes siblings, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, etc.

Know who your child’s friends are, get your child involved, have a connection with a social group, develop communication skills and don’t let sibling rivalry ferment!

There you have it, hope it’s helpful for you as it was a great reminder to me! Cheers to better parenthood! :)

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