Friday, April 22, 2011

The Corridor Heaven

Some time back, there was a loan shark debt collection incident at my block of flat. The worst thing was that it happened on my level. The unit at the extreme end of my level had red paint splashed all over their gate and door, it was so scary. There were red wordings on the wall as well inciting that the family owed the loan sharks money. So, we’ve not been letting the girls play on the corridor for quite some time. They’ve been bugging us to let them go out, and so we relented.


They really love to play on the corridor. It’s of course better than being cooped up at home all day long. They would bring out their bicycles and scooter and take turns to ride them. Even though it’s just a short straight pathway, they still have fun every time we let them play there.



Baby Jayne can’t cycle yet, so we have to push her along every time. Otherwise, she would use their leg to push the bicycle along.


Sometimes Joey will push her around too – It’s something they enjoy doing together. =)


Like all mummies, I love it when the siblings play well together. They ought to be best friends, isn’t it? =)



Hopefully no more loan shark incidents. I need a very peaceful and safe neighbourhood, please.

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