Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Salsa, Anyone?

I love nachos, and nachos go best with yummy salsa sauce. If you’re like me, I have something wonderful to share with you today!

I’m helping a friend’s aunt promote her homemade salsa sauce and I’ve tasted it myself – It’s awesome! =D

Presenting My Mama’s Salsa!


Looks good, doesn’t it?? =D

Just to make sure I wasn’t the only one who likes this salsa sauce, I shared it with my cell group friends and the feedback from everyone was the same – ‘IT’S YUMMY!’ Just check out their expressions. I have some really adorable friends!

Jacob says it’s Mama-mia!


The gourmet in our midst thinks it’s very tasty!


The newly weds are obviously still in their honeymoon period, enjoying their nachos dipped in salsa together!


My handsome cell group leader likes it too! =D


As the salsa is non-spicy, it was a hit among the kids as well!

Nathaniel was a little apprehensive at the beginning….


… but he couldn’t stop eating after that. Haha!


I say it’s a pretty healthy snack for the kids too because it’s mainly tomato puree! Lots of vitamin C goodness in there!



Even I found it delicious. Hey, I hate tomatoes! But I guess the taste was not overpowering and matches very well with the nachos. =D Of course, if you like, you can use the salsa sauce in your cooking or dip just about any of your favourite foods in it!

I say, comfort food does a lot of good to our soul. =D

So, if you’re interested to purchase the yummy salsa sauce, send an email today to:


Comes in two sizes!


500gm – $9.90
250gm – $5.90

And just for you dear readers, if you mention KLESS in your email order, you will automatically get your salsa sauce at the discounted rates of $9.40 (500gm) and $5.40 (250gm). Don’t wait anymore, send in your orders today! =D

Enjoy the salsa!

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