Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet My New Maid. No, Her Name’s Not Leticia

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The name’s BOSCH.


No more manual dishwashing, no more rough hands from excessive contact with detergents and cleaning agents, no more wasting time on washing dirty dishes – ALL THANKS TO BOSCH!


Yes, I ought to be grateful and I am. I now have the world’s most economical dishwasher - ActiveWater Eco² in my house. No joke, this machine is a world record holder in water and energy efficiencies! Most people, including myself, think that washing dishes by hand is cheaper than using a dishwasher. Actually, quite the opposite is true – A Bosch dishwasher lowers your utility bill by saving energy and water! This is made possible by the Zeolith® technology, which uses a natural silicate mineral known as zeolite to store water and heat, with the latter being fed back into the interior as hot air in an efficient drying cycle.


Apart from its cost-saving efficiencies, I was most impressed by the hygiene factor of the dishwasher. As a mummy of two young kids, I am concerned that my children’s cutlery, plates and cups are all washed and cleaned in the best way possible. The Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher removes 99.9% of all bacteria and germs through increased rinsing time. This feature works best for my kids’ baby bottles and feeding bowls, and I can be an assured mummy, knowing that all bacteria have been eliminated from their feeding apparatus, thus reducing chances of falling sick! Awesome much!

I was a little apprehensive when I saw the dishwasher because I was worried that the operation would be complicated. Thank God it was simple as A-B-C! There are preset buttons with different temperature settings and intensity of wash to choose from. The interface was also sleek and pretty enough. Makes dishwashing a pleasant experience, I say!



Check out the interior – Spacious and can accommodate a huge load in one sitting! It would really come in handy after family dinners and cell group gatherings! =)


The top tray is for cutlery…


The 2nd tier is for glasses, cups and small bowls..


The last tier is for pots, pans and large bowls & plates.


BOSCH also sent over Finish power tabs and Rinse Aid, which are to be used in the dishwashing process. These are really easy to use - just one tab for one full load of washing, and one refill of Rinse Aid solution can be used for 12-15 washing cycles!


Finish detergents have remained outstanding, having been tested alongside many other global dishwasher brands for the best cleaning and drying results. This is why they are reputedly the leading dishwashing brand in the world.



It’s a wonderful feeling when I have the right equipment and all the right accessories to get things done much faster and more effectively. Dishwashing is now no longer a chore! In fact, I’m bringing out all my pots and pans and let them be thoroughly washed and heat-sterilised, once and for all!

Stay tuned as I share more about my experiences in using the Bosch Dishwasher in the coming months. I’ll also attempt my own version of Myth-Breaker, to see if any of the myths about dishwashers are true!=)

For more information, do visit:
    Bosch dishwashers:
    Finish dishwashing products:

Friday, July 29, 2011

It Was The Night The Daddies & Mummies Were Unleashed

It was a relaxing night spent at the Shanghai Dolly, and it was memorable because the people usually seen busying themselves around their little kids all showed up without the little people! Granted, Shanghai Dolly was not a place for those under 18 years of age, so we all had a most valid reason to leave the kids at home and go gallivanting attend the Event of the Year without the children – Singapore Blog Awards 2011. Thanks OMY for a great event organised! =D

Honoured to be able to attend the event as a Finalist for the ‘Best Family Blog’ category. =)


The theme for this year’s event is ‘History Gets Social’ and everyone’s encouraged to dress up as some historical figures. I couldn’t think of a suitable character to dress up as, so I concurred with fellow mummy blogger, Sandra’s idea, to turn up as a TIRED MAMA. Historically, there’s always been a tired mama. Haha! How apt!


We spent a good hour having drinks and chit-chatting over snacks at Shanghai Dolly, with a lovely singer who charmed us on stage with her soothing vocals. She sounded like Olivia! So comfortable listening to her. =)


It was fun to catch up with many of the bloggers whom I don’t get to meet often, but know so much about through their blogs. =) Social media has, to a certain extent, pulled people closer together. =) Some of these bloggers, I’ve never met, but the moment we met, we felt like old friends. Interesting.


With Mint! So happy for her because she clinched the ‘Best Dressed Female Historical Character’ prize for the event! What a pretty Liang Po Po she was!!! =P


Kudos to the many bloggers who put in much effort to dress up as interesting characters! (Try spotting the legendary Steven Lim, who supposedly dressed up as Michael Jackson. =P Cue: Everybody look to the right…)


And the best family blogger won indeed! Congratulations Daphne! =D


Hubby met other Daddy bloggers that he’s been interacting with online as well!


Great meeting everyone that night! Thanks for being my friend in cyberspace! =D


Looking forward to Singapore Blog Awards 2012!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sentosa Is Not All About The Beach

All I ever do nowadays whenever I go to Sentosa is to chill on its beaches. I almost never explored anywhere else, because I thought there was no where really interesting to go to. All touristy stuffs, I thought. Nothing that could interest a local like me.

How wrong could I get??!

Thanks to Sentosa’s Group Comms Dept, Papa Isaiah and I got invited to try out 4 of their popular attractions last weekend, and I had a renewed mindset about Sentosa all over again! It totally reminded me of those fond days when Papa Isaiah and I were still dating, when we would go to Sentosa and roam the island, just enjoying each others’ company and the lovely island. It was a perfect place for a short getaway, and there was always this smell of sweet holiday lingering in the air. Love it.

All 4 attractions we went to are located at Imbiah Lookout, one of the areas we seldom visit. First up, we went for the Sentosa 4D Magix – ‘Pirates’. It was such an interesting experience!!! =P

Sentosa 4D Magix

I wouldn’t want to spoilt it for those of you who’re planning to go for the show, but rest assured the 3D effects of the show are nothing like those we see in 3D movies. It’s way, way, way (X500) better. There were several scenes where the 3D character was right in front of my eyes that I found myself backing away! As for the 4th ‘D’ of the show, I’ll leave it to your own imagination. =D That’s me in my 3D specs! =)


On the whole, I found it to be a very entertaining show!

The next show we went to for the Sentosa Cineblast – ‘Extreme Log Ride’. This ride is somewhat like a virtual roller coaster, where we were seated in a cyclone unit with our 3D specs and we were ‘logs’ that went through the transportation system to reach the final destination – A deep, deep valley. In this ride, we could feel the exhilaration of flying to the top of the highest mountain, the stomach-churning thrill of rushing into the deepest valleys, and the gripping excitement of being tossed about by whitewater rapids. It’s totally suitable for scaredy cats like me, who dare not take real roller coaster rides!! =D


Just next to the Extreme Log Ride is the Desperados 3D! This is a fun 3D show that incorporated interaction elements in it. As we rode on ‘horsebacks’ with our 3D specs, we could use the laser guns to shoot at targets on the screen and score points! It was fun and exciting because the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’ scorers were highlighted during the game. I shall not reveal who emerged as the ‘worst’ scorer. Too embarrassing to talk about it anyway. (P/S: It was not the 4 kids who were in the same game as us) Well, at least we had style. All’s not lost.


The personnel even captured our best moment during the game. They commented that I looked very cool and steady. Indeed I was. And I’m sure you could tell between Papa Isaiah and I, who got a higher score. =.=


Finally, we wrapped up our Imbiah Lookout experience with a scenic ride up the Tiger Sky Tower! It was such a fantastic finale ride after all the exciting rides that stirred up all our senses. The view was panoramic and very soothing!


The tower stands at 131 metres tall and the whole ride up and down is about 8 minutes long.


The viewing cabin is air-conditioned and very comfortable.


Enjoy some of the views I saw while I was high up there!







What a fun time we had at Sentosa. Thanks once again, Sentosa, for the wonderful experience and all the fun rides! =D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Child Has Her Own Labels

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I’ve always had a soft spot for labels, especially really girly and pretty ones. I may not be the age of a young girl now but my state of mind is still very much that of a young girl. You know how people say it’s important to stay young at heart – I am precisely doing that. And so, when a fellow mummy blogger, Daphne recently started her own label printing company and very kindly offered to print some labels for Joey & Jayne, I was thrilled! =D

Child Label offers some really lovely designs for vinyl waterproof labels that’s bound to attract any kid’s attention. When I first browsed through the designs they have, I couldn’t make up my mind which I liked the best. They were all so cute and colourful! =D Just some of the designs they have to offer:

Really nice, isn’t it?? =D I’m secretly contemplating ordering a set in my own name…. =P

Wanna see the labels my kids got?? =D




I chose the Cutie Crawlies series in round labels, and they came in designs of bumble bee, ladybug and a worm in an apple! Really awesome cute.

As you can see, I opted for the ‘Split Pack’ option where I could print 2 different names on one set of labels (Each set contains 3 sheets of labels). This works perfectly for those of us who has more than 1 kid! =)




I love it now that I could label all my girls’ stuffs! Label, label, label!!!


Thanks Daph! My girls love the labels so much they wanna eat them!!!!



Hop over to Child Label now to place your order now! =D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looks Like It’s Not So Easy NOT To Be Kiasu

Before I had kids, I had this grand idea that I will never become one of those kiasu mummies who only know how to shove assessment books down the throats of their kids everyday, and force them to take up all kinds of enrichment classes just so that they don’t lose out to anyone.

Now that I have kids, I’ve realised that mummies exist in a unique world of their own, where there’re just too many internal and external forces at work. Within the hearts of every mummy, we crave for our kids to be outstanding and top the class every year. That’s the internal force. Externally, there are other potent forces generically known as ‘Other mummies’. Mummies and mummies love to talk about their kids, and that’s when one mummy starts feeling that her kids are not doing as much as the other mummy’s kids, and start panicking. Of course, I’m sure many of you mummies out there are so secure and confident that you never have to go through such emotional turmoil. I’m probably one of those very rare few with a very weak conscience.

And so, yesterday I suddenly had this panic attack that I haven’t been spending much time teaching and coaching my kids. Since I didn’t have time to rush out to the bookstores to buy assessment books, I thought I might as well make use of my new HP ENVY Printer and print out some worksheets that my kids can practise on. Sounded like a really fantastic idea. I didn’t have to get out of the house, and I get my problem solved!

There’re many pre-set programmes in the printer, and as long as I connect to the internet, I could download what I needed to be printed, without having to connect to a computer. Nowadays, wireless printers are so awesome. They are mini computers in their own right!


Some of the options installed on my HP ENVY Printer.


Chose Sesame Street because Baby Jayne loves them!


I could print out colouring pages, storybooks, learning books etc, and thought it’d be cool to print out an alphabet book for Baby Jayne to start recognising the 26 alphabets. Ahem.. Good start huh!?


So awesome! Only requires 6 pages of printing!


And tada! The pretty little book was printed in a jiffy! =D




Then for Joey, I decided on the Dibo The Gift Dragon programme. I was so thrilled to find practice sheets on Maths and English. Just right for Joey!!!





Look how happy the girl is when I showed her the ABC book! =D



Had so much fun fiddling with my HP ENVY Printer! It’s such a useful printer! =D I’d like to think that I am a tech-savvy kiasu mummy! =D

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