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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cooking Babies

One set of toys that's been most frequently utilised in my house is the cooking set.

We've got several sets of those over the years from various birthdays, and we usually store them all in one big box. We also have a toy kitchen which the girls sometimes cook on, but mostly, they just throw the whole box of toys on the floor and assemble their meals from there.

I'm totally cool about them playing cooking and feasting because they are girls, and it's nice that they're cultivating the love for cooking from young. I personally know of many friends whose sons love playing cooking as well, and that's fine too, because the famous chefs in the world are all men. Cooking is the most universal game that all kids play, whether girls or boys.

Another reason why I love it when they play cooking is because once they start, they will play for at least an hour, and that basically means I have one hour to do my own stuffs in peace. Plus, these girls of mine love to play 'fine dining' version of cooking - They pretend to be great chefs, serving rich customers in high-class restaurants, so they have the cutest conversations that go like this:

Joey: "Excuse me, Mdm, may I know what would you like to have today?"
Jayne: "I would like to have some soup, please."
Joey: "Sure, Mdm. Coming right away!"

I say it's a totally cool way to practise proper conversational English, and a much-needed break from their usual Singlish-dominated ones.

Interestingly though, I've observed that the one who usually cooks is Joey, and the customer is always Jayne. Both are perfectly happy with this arrangement - Joey loves cooking, and Jayne is just interested in the role-playing as a customer. Compared to cooking, Jayne is way more interested in make-up instead. She has a set of toy cosmetics, as well as some empty compact cases and lipstick casings that her grandmother gave to her to play with. Joey, on the other hand, doesn't play with cosmetics. Both are girls, but their likes and preferences are so different! God indeed made every one of us unique and special. Red heart

When I am old, I'd have a daughter who cooks for me, and another who'd do makeup for me before I go on dates with hubby. God is so good to me. =D