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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Happy FTWM

That is what I am, a Happy Full-Time Working Mum.

Unlike many mums I know whose greatest desire is to stay at home to take care of their kids 24/7, I am not like that. While it is certainly a noble idea to be able to watch the kids grow up and stay by their side all the time, with my personality, I probably wouldn't last more than a week. SAHMs ought to receive a commendation from the Nation for their hard work & commitment.

As for me, I'd either escape to a faraway place or morph into a monster mum with sharp teeth and red bloody eyes with a whip in hand, all of which are unthinkable.

How did I come to that conclusion, you ask me? I admit it is a little strange, especially when my childhood dream was to be a full-time housewife. To quantify, that dream was built with the assumption that I would be living in a mansion with 20 bedrooms, a garden, a lake and a butler + 5 maids at my beck and call. That of course didn't happen in reality, so the dream burst faster than I could say, "Save Me".

It was during my maternity leave when the Truth became very real to me. While I relish in the moments I got to spend with my baby, I was counting down to the day I could get back to the workforce. I love my job, and all the perks that came along with it - Intelligent adult conversations, relaxing lunches, mental stimulations and of course, the money.

My FTWM journey was probably an easy and blessed one. When my kids were babies, I brought them to my workplace where there's a Nursery for babies under the age of two. I still have fond memories of pushing Joey to work every morning in a pram. How I managed to squeeze into those peak-hour MRT every morning then still baffles me now when I think about it. If you've hung around long enough, you might remember the blog entries I penned then. :)

Joey when she was 5 months old with a Nursery helper.

Joey was in the Office Nursery till she was 2 years plus, then I transferred her to a full-day child care where she enjoyed school tremendously. It was an awesome two years because I could pop in to see her anytime during the day. When it was Baby Jayne's turn, she was in the Office Nursery for about a year before my mother-in-law volunteered to look after her at home. That ended my bring-baby-to-work life, and it was great knowing that she was well taken care of at home by a family member.

Jayne when she was 5 months old in the Nursery.

Three months into the new year, we have settled down into a comfortable routine. With both girls starting a new phase in their schooling journey, many adjustments had to be made. I leave for work bright and early every morning, and Papa Isaiah would send Baby Jayne to her childcare centre. I would start work early and end early so that I can go & fetch Baby Jayne home. My mother-in-law would prepare Joey for school, send her to the school bus and fetch her back in the evening. She would also cook for the kids so that when they come home in the evenings, they would have hot home-cooked meals everyday. My mother-in-law is very strict with cleanliness, which is why she prefers to handle all the cleaning chores around the house, for which I gladly oblige of course. =P That is also why we managed to survive without a maid throughout my seven years as a FTWM. Basically, we get to spend time with the girls every weekday evening and all of the weekends, which are packed with wet marketing, outings, blogging invites, church and family dinners with my parents. My days are usually very packed, but I am enjoying every bit of the busyness. This journey has been made enjoyable by a supportive husband and helpful parents. I am very grateful.

I am a happy FTWM - Thanks for following me on this journey. :)

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