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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Bowling Night

Papa Isaiah is one of the bloggers for Community Games 2013, so last weekend, we tagged along for the Bowling Tournament that took place at Orchid Country Club. It's been n years since I last played bowling, and it was fun! :)

Of course, there was no way we could match up to the pros. Some of the best bowlers in Singapore were gathered together to fight it out that evening.

The little girl went with us, and since she's too young to play, she decided to play the role of a supporter. Whenever it's my turn to bowl, she would go, "Go mummy go!". Regardless of the number of pins I hit, she would go, "Mummy win!!!!!!!' Woooooooo!" Too cute.

We've brought the kids to bowling before, so this is not something new to her. But still, she looked intrigued when the balls hit the pins with a loud clash. She must be very amazed that so many of them could bring the pins down!

I love bringing Baby Jayne out with me because she seldom fusses, and she can entertain herself most of the time. Such a darling! :)

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