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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Freak Accident

Good Friday was not so good for us this year. And I think every time this year, I would probably recall the freak accident that happened.

The very reason why I am still keeping this blog is because I want to document everything that has happened in the lives of my kids. So, this is no exception. It might not be an event I want to be reminded of, but recording it will allow the kids to look back to this part of their lives when they are grown up. For memories' sake.

It was a public holiday, and the kids were playing on their scooter outside the house along the corridor, like they always do. Suddenly, we heard a small bang and I heard my MIL ask Joey if she was okay because it seemed like her scooter had hit the wall. Then, I heard Joey scream like I've never heard before - a scream I will never forget for the rest of my life. It propelled me to get on to my feet and started running towards her as fast as I could even though I didn't know what had happened.

When I got to Joey, there was blood all over the floor and she was clasping her forehead with  blood flowing down her whole face and onto her clothes. On first sight, it was a huge open wound. I pressed on the wound immediately, calmed her down and walked her back to the house. My heart was pounding extremely fast - I could not believe something like that had happened. But I didn't have time to panic. I quickly told my MIL to grab me a clean cloth, with which I wrapped around her forehead and pressed onto the wound firmly to stop the bleeding. Thankfully, Joey was calm. She stopped crying the moment I got to her, and she even told my MIL not to worry. Hubby called the ambulance, and for the next few minutes, we cleaned up her face and I got changed out of my blood-stained clothes to prepare to go to the hospital.

The medics arrived really fast, and did a simple bandage for Joey's forehead. When asked what happened, Joey said she was dizzy and couldn't control her scooter, so she knocked onto the wall. She had hit the edge of the wall, so it was a long vertical cut of 7cm from her nose bridge up to near the scalp. When I asked Joey later on, I realised she was playing 'Simon Says' with Jayne, and her command was to turn in circles. After that, she sped off on her scooter even though she was still dizzy from the turning. Sigh

We were sent to KK Hospital Children's Emergency. Didn't need to wait too long because her case was serious and needed urgent attention. The doctor told us that stitching was definitely necessary, and judging by the depth of the wound, it needed three layers of stitching. Joey was to be sedated and a local anaesthetic would be administered on her forehead. I learnt that day that even when the patients are sedated, they can still feel pain though they would not remember it when they awake after that. By giving a LA, the patient would not twitch and flitch during the stitching. We were with Joey when the sedation drug was given and saw how she drifted into a state of sedation. Then, the doctor showed us the wound and explained how the procedure would be done. He also encouraged us to take photographs of the wound with our phones so that we can monitor the progress of the healing process. The doctor was gentle and confident and able to put our hearts at ease.

One hour later, the stitching was done. Because several layers of stitching had to be done, Joey was given over 30 stitches in all. Shudders.

Then we spent another 2 hours in the observation ward before we went home. Joey was still feeling the nausea and giddiness, common side effects from the sedation drug, and she slept and rested for the rest of the day. She could not eat anything that evening without vomiting everything out. She even threw up her anti-biotics.

Thankfully, when she woke up the next morning, she immediately returned to her usual self. She could eat and drink, and chatted with us like usual. The only difference was the huge wound on her forehead. I believe it is the grace of God, because she said there was totally no pain, even though doctor sent us home with many painkillers. We are really, really thankful for that.

We removed the bandage and the plaster that evening as the doctor had advised us to air the wound and not cover it up. Prepared Joey mentally that it was going to look bad at the beginning and not be shocked by it. Initially, she said she would not look into the mirror, but eventually, she did and declared that it was not as bad as she imagined it to be. Whether it was a defence mechanism, I am proud that she has shown so much courage at this stage. It was her first time seeing her wound, and I would expect it to be a very shocking sight. Yet, she took it all with great courage. I have never felt as proud of her as I did at that instance.

Many friends asked whether I was worried and frightened. The truth is I feel sadness more than anything else. I feel sad that my daughter has to go through something so traumatic both emotionally and physically, and of course, praying really hard that the scars will not remain. I am holding on to the promises of God everyday and confessing that there will be no scarring. God's healing is complete and whole - No scarring in Jesus' Name!

And I know deep in Joey's heart, she is really worried about the scarring part as well. Naturally so - She's always loved to dress up and look pretty. But I keep reassuring that the wound would heal completely and there will be no scarring. I pray that God will strengthen her little heart and rebuild her confidence again.

For the first two days after the accident, hubby and I would constantly have the images replay in our minds. On the first night, the moment I closed my eyes, I would see the scenes and I had to force myself to push those traumatising images away. In the midst of it all, there are many things I am thankful to God for. All Joey had were external injuries - no bones and nerves were hurt. Both her eyes were protected and there were no other injuries sustained. The medical help was given fast and professionally. Many friends were keeping us in prayers throughout, and we continued to feel the support and love thereafter. Joey has not been experiencing any pain, which in itself has been a big miracle. I know and I know and I know, that God is in control.

Dear Friends, please keep Joey in your prayers okay? We are all praying for miraculously fast and complete healing with no scarring both physically and emotionally. Thank you so much for believing with us. :)

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