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Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Aftermath

It has been nearly a week since the accident happened. I took leave the whole week to stay home with the kids, mainly because I want to be around for Joey, and also so that my mother-in-law would have an easier time especially after something so traumatic took place.

Apart from the wound, Joey seems to be enjoying her break from school. She eats and sleeps well and for the whole day, she either paints, colours, watches TV or plays with her toys. It was a good thing too that I took leave because Baby Jayne was down with high recurring fever since Sunday. We are not sure whether it was caused by the traumatic experience because she witnessed everything happen, but thank God, the fever dropped by Tuesday night. Doctor advised blood test if the fever persisted for 5-6 days, because of the high number of dengue fever cases in the vicinity now.

Thanks to many friends who have been asking, the girls are doing alright. Joey looks into the mirror every time she passes by one, so she has come to terms with it pretty well. Thank God the swelling has been going down well, and she has not been experiencing any pain at all. I clean her wound with water three times a day and apply a cream prescribed by the doctor. She said she could feel me touching the wound but there was no pain. Really thankful for that.

As for Baby Jayne, she is still affected by the accident even though she does not mention it. During every nap time and sleeping time, she needs to hold my hands before sleeping. Because she was down with fever, whenever I mention that I need to bring her to see the doctor, she would say, 'I don't want to go to the hospital.' And she would ask again and again to make sure we were not bringing her to the doctor her sister went to. We had to assure her that it was to a normal GP, not the hospital. And she would not get any injections. Sigh, poor gal.

My mother-in-law was not spared from the aftermath as well. She would jump at every slightly-louder sound that Joey makes, and would keep reminding Joey not to touch this and that, and not jump and skip around. Understandably so. This 精神緊張 will take a while to go away.

Hubby has gone back to work so he's been very preoccupied with work. Because I stayed at home, the images still haunt me but the frequency is decreasing. The dread and sadness are diminishing slowly but surely. I am constantly reminded that God is good. Many friends have shown their love and concern, some with gifts for Joey and Jayne just to cheer them up. Really, nobody needed to so anything, but they did. I am grateful to God for surrounding me with friends who care. It makes this journey a lot easier.

For the first time in my seven years of blogging, I felt this sudden dread to blog when the accident happened. I am usually very excited to document down the little details in my kids' lives, but this time round, it felt like something inside me died. It's like I have a thousand and one emotions inside of me, and I don't know how to put them into words appropriately. Writing has always been a therapeutic thing for me, but the last few days, it has been hard-going. I guess that's part of the healing process - articulating my feelings and emotions into words that can fully describe them. Searching for the right words is sometimes the hardest to do, but it does get easier as the days go by.

In the meantime, I am just enjoying the time with the girls at home, even though it gets pretty draining by noon time. Joey cannot sit still, and I constantly got to find stuffs to entertain her, or otherwise be driven crazy by her constant chanting, 'Mummy... mummy... mummy..' =X Painting has thus far been the most effective activity (effective being no fighting between the two), so the kids have been doing a lot of that.

After the darkness, the sun will shine again, and we will still see the rainbows ya? :)

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