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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Reading Room

Happiness is when I stumble upon a really lovely place to chill in, and I did just that last week when I passed by The Reading Room, and went in for a coffee because it looked so cosy. Just 5 minutes inside the cafe, I decided that I would go back again. It's my kind of cafe. :)

The cafe has such a name because in the cafe is a HUGE library collection of novels for all the customers to read free-of-charge. The only thing is you cannot bring the novels home. =P It is the perfect place to do some quiet reading while sipping a latte and munch on a slice of cake.

Love the furnishing of the cafe - Lots of vintage charm and collectibles everywhere. I noticed that the boss of the cafe especially love antique phones - Found several different designs in the cafe. :)

Lots of sitting corners for the customers to have a good read but have some privacy.

Towards the back end of the cafe, there is a separate corner with a pool table, more tables & chairs and vintage collectibles. I think it's a perfect place to have a small private party.

I will surely be back again. :)

The Reading Room
19 Bukit Pasoh Rd , Singapore, Singapore 089833

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