Thursday, May 09, 2013

SEA Aquarium, RWS

Thanks to our dear friends who gave our family tickets to the SEA Aquarium for the girls' birthdays, we visited the aquarium with the girls over the weekend. We've been wanting to bring the girls there after our media visit there previously, so we were thrilled when we got the tickets! Like I mentioned in my previous post, the SEA Aquarium is much better than the Underwater World in terms of its scale, layout and number of species presented. I knew my girls would love the place, and true enough, they enjoyed themselves very much.

The first part of the aquarium is a tunnel walkthrough where we felt like the fishes were swimming all around us.

I was pleasantly surprised to see staff of SEA Aquarium at various points of the aquarium who would engage the kids and teach them some simple facts about certain sea creatures. I thought that was a nice touch. This particular staff was teaching the kids about hermit crabs using this cute soft toy. :)

Walking on this see-through floor was a little unnerving at first. I took every step with much caution.

The touch & feel pool would be every kid's favourite of course. They get to touch starfishes, corals and shellfishes. Quite frankly, everything feels like rocks to me. =X

Seeing colourful fishes swimming here & there in big tanks of water is kind of therapeutic in its own way.

Hi there!

The octopus was super hyperactive - He couldn't 'stick' still and kept moving along the panes, up down & everywhere!

The lovely jellyfishes are always my favourite. With every light change, their translucent bodies would reflect the light accordingly. Such amazing creatures!

There are so many different species of jellyfish. These have especially long and flowy tentacles, they tickle each other all the time.

And these have lace-like tentacles. Elegant.

Before we left the beautiful SEA Aquarium, a fish tried to tell Joey a secret in her ear.

My 2nd trip to the SEA Aquarium, and I enjoyed it still. Great place to visit for the kids especially!

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