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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Servathon 2013

I'm sure you've heard of Marathon, but have you heard of Servathon?


As with a marathon, this definitely requires stamina and tenacity, but the value-add is that you can also bless someone in the community by being a part of this project. In its 2nd year running, Servathon is CityCare's annual signature event that seeks to promote volunteerism. In our society where most people tend to be self-centred and self-interest-seeking, Servathon offers its volunteers the opportunity to retreat from their own self-concerns and focus on the needs of others continuously over a period of 10 hours or 21 hours. It cultivates human endurance while nurturing stamina in volunteerism. It liberates the volunteers to turn towards fellow peers in exacting considerable change to the lives of others. One word - MEANINGFUL.


In this year's Servathon, you can choose to be a part of the action by choosing between (1) 10-Hour Challenge or (2) 21-Hour Feat:


To kick start Servathon 2013, Able Man (Servathon’s adaptation of the hit television game show, Running Man) will test participants in their sensory skills and resourcefulness as they take a leap of faith to depend on their fellow peers. As they go through a series of obstacles and challenges to complete various tasks, what will they uncover along the way?

Participants will collectively pack necessities and daily supplies into 10,000 Love Bags. While packing 10,000 Love Bags may seem like an insurmountable task, we believe that when 500 people come together, doubts will be casted aside and possibilities will reign.


For those with the heart of a lion, the next leg of the service marathon will commence at daybreak. Participants will move on to distribute the10,000 Love Bags to different homes and centers over the 20 Servathon community projects all around the island of Singapore.

After the Love Bag distribution, a series of community projects to help and engage various beneficiary groups, will initiate island-wide. All the community projects will take place concurrently in the 5 Community Development Councils (CDC) in Singapore, touching lives throughout the island.

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* Registration fees will cover volunteers' meals.

Interested to be a part of this meaningful community project? :) Register here today.
Want to play a part but unable to make it for the event? You can be a donor as well: http://www.citycare.org.sg/servathon/donation/

We can all make this world a better place with what little we have. :)

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