Friday, September 27, 2013

Fresh & Honest Milk From Greenfields


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To be absolutely frank, I've never really been a fan of milk.

My mom used to grumble that I was one of the most difficult kids to raise because I didn't like to drink milk and I refused most dairy products. I was skinny and underweight as a child, and she was so worried I was undernourished. Thankfully, as I grew older, I began to develop a liking for fresh milk. I still didn't like powder milk, but I would drink fresh milk, and I especially like them in my tea. Now that I am a mom, this milk-drinking business became even more real to me. My mother-in-law, who's a firm believer that kids should drink milk as part of their daily diet for as long as they can, keeps reminding me of that every day. That is the reason why Joey still drinks plenty of fresh milk everyday now even though she is already in Primary School.

Greenfields sent me samples of their fresh milk products and I couldn't be happier. There was something for everyone!

Joey & Jayne = Chocolate Malt (Nutritious & Delicious!)
Hubby = Regular Fresh Milk (For muscle-building!)
Mother-in-law = High-Calcium Skimmed Milk (Elderly needs more calcium!)
Me = High Calcium Low Fat Milk (I need to lose some pounds, thankyouverymuch.)

For those of you who do not know, Starbucks uses Greenfields milk for their beverages, and I can totally understand why. Even as a non-fan of milk in general, Greenfields Milk really tastes better than some other brands I've tried. There is this freshness in the milk that you can taste in every mouthful - And there is a reason for that.


Greenfields originates from Indonesia, and they produce what we call 'HONEST MILK'. Their integrated dairy farm is based at Gunung Kawi, Malang, East Java and has over 6,000 Holstein cows which produce over 20 million litres of fresh milk each year. They do not merely label their milk as fresh; they produce it for real. And that is the reason why Greenfields is so confident of their milk quality. All the milk comes from their own scientifically-sourced and managed herd and does not include additives, chemicals, antibiotics and hormones – just all natural honest milk. Their milk is produced, pasteurised and packed within the dairy and it is single-pasteurised, ensuring optimal freshness. As a consumer, I can be assured of the quality of milk I purchase from them. Now, that's so awesome, isn't it?

As a mom of young kids, I would definitely choose products that are fresh and contain no additives/chemicals that can cause potential harms to my kids' health. This is especially important when I am talking about a beverage that they drinking milk in large quantities on a daily basis over a substantial period in their childhood. Even for myself, I would opt for good and natural fresh milk anytime so that I can stay healthy and strong.

(Credits: Greenfields)

Greenfields Milk is certainly my choice of milk for obvious reasons - It's fresh with no additives and chemicals, and it tastes GOOD! Every mom wants the best for their kids, and I am no exception. If you have not tried Greenfields, I urge you to try it and taste the difference for yourself. :)


On a side note, did you know that you can use milk in your cooking as well? Since I've got such good quality milk at home, I thought it would be great to make a dessert for everyone in the family with it. Here's sharing my really simple recipe for MANGO JELLY!

200 ml of Greenfields fresh milk
1 packet of Agar Agar powder
2 Large Fresh mangoes
1 packet of pre-packed Nata de coco

1 of the mangoes is to be cut into cubes and the other mango to be made into puree.

In a pot of 200ml of boiling water, add the milk, mango puree and agar agar powder. Keep stirring on low heat. Prepare 10-12 cups, scoop in mango cubes and nata de coco. Once everything's dissolved in the pot, scoop in the mixture into the cups equally.

Leave the cups in the fridge overnight and they are ready to be eaten!

Mango Jelly made with fresh Greenfields Milk - Refreshing, healthy and yummy! =D

Greenfields Milk comes in variants of Fresh Milk, Chocolate Malt, High Calcium Low Fat (only 1.3% fat) and High Calcium Skimmed Milk (less than 0.1% fat). Available at most supermarkets at $5.95 for a 2-litre bottle (except at FairPrice), $3.25 for a 1-litre pack. A 200ml pack is selling for $1.50 at 7-Eleven and$1.20 at selected Cold Storage outlets only.

P/S: The J Babies received monetary compensation as well as several cartons of fresh milk for purpose of review, however all opinions and photographs are mine, unless stated overwise.

A Weekend Getaway!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, we'll be leaving on a jet plane to the Land of Smiles - Bangkok! :)


It's an extremely short trip of 3D2N, but we've got a really packed itinerary all planned out. Lots of good food is expected - both from the streets and in lovely restaurants. Shopping will be done in abundance, both in the malls and the night markets (and Chatuchak oh yeah!), and you bet I'll be drinking lots of Thai Iced milk tea from Black Canyon.


Another really exciting thing we managed to weave into our itinerary is the Railway Market & Floating Market tour! Bought the vouchers from at only $26, and we'll be picked up from our hotel in private vehicle and then brought to the two interesting markets. It's my first time buying and utilizing a deal from, so I'm a little jittery - Please let everything turn out well!!

The last time I went to Bangkok was in 2011 alone with the husband, and this time round, we are going with our friends and Baby Jayne! Looking forward to a good break and lots of fun! Won't be blogging till I'm back, but you can follow me on social media as I'll be posting snapshots as and when!




Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

3D Pandora Exhibition - Gardens by the Bay

There is a free-admission exhibition at Gardens by the Bay called Pandora, which is worth checking out. It's a very small exhibition, but I thought it's pretty interesting because I've not seen any exhibition like that before. The exhibition is put together by Keppel Club's staff using recycled materials. We need to put on 3D glasses in order to appreciate the exhibits in their full glory. Quite interesting!


Even without the 3D glasses, I thought the exhibits looked cute too.


Through the 3D glasses, they look more alive & fairytale-like!


There was a staff inside the hall to explain how they created the flowers using old drink bottles.


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Budding Photographer

I nearly overdosed on cuteness last week when I saw this.


We were at Gardens by the Bay for the mid-autumn displays, and it was the first time we handed a camera to the littlest one in the family. You should see how her eyes sparkled when she got hold of it - It was like the most precious thing she's set her eyes on. Then for the next hour, she was just snapping and snapping and snapping non-stop at every flower, grass and shrub she saw. She totally slowed us down because we had to wait for her snap a shot every 3 steps she took, but it was seriously too cute to watch. =D


She's got such a serious look on her face every time she was focusing her camera on a flower. I love how dedicated and committed she was at her task!


It was the most ingenious strategy ever. While she sometimes would get restless at such excursions previously, this time round she was occupied doing something she really enjoyed, so I could enjoy the event myself too. Win-win!


I guess it must have been a really fun day for Jayne, as she snapped away freely and captured all the pretty flowers on camera the way she liked it to be. :)


And she has every right to feel proud of herself. In the short span of one hour, she took a total of 200+ photographs - That's a real feat on its own! And I must say most of the photos turned out really well. Check out some of her shots:


And we nearly flipped when we found her selfie in the camera - How come she's so cute?! =P


Finally, I can delegate the photo-taking for all my blogging assignments from now on. Hallelujah.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Charlie Brown Cafe

As a mom out with my kids, I sometimes find myself looking for restaurants or cafes with alfresco dining option, so that at least my kids can be a little more rowdy. In an enclosed restaurant, I usually have to keep reminding them to keep their volumes down, and kids being kids, that's a tough order.

I've passed by the Charlie Brown cafe at 313 Somerset several times, but I dined there for the first time yesterday. It was just a tea break for hubby and I, but I saw that the menu offered quite a good selection of salads, sandwiches, some mains and plenty of desserts. It should be a nice place for a family to chill out at and have some small bites.


It's hard not to like the cafe - it's got the iconic Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all the Peanuts characters splashed everywhere. Plus, a TV screens Snoopy cartoons on loop at one corner. There is also a little area that sells some Snoopy merchandise such as phone covers, mugs etc, if you are interested.






Iced Earl Grey ($4.50)


Crepe with chocolate filling & a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. ($9.80) Don't you just LOVE the Snoopy face there?


Turkey ham sandwich with french fries ($13.80)


Because it's alfresco, it might get a little warm during the day, but at night, it should be a nice place to hang out for families because both the menu and the environment are pretty kid-friendly. :)


Charlie Brown Cafe
Address: 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk)
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6836 5344

Monday, September 23, 2013

Passion Never Dies

I was inspired to write today's post because of a Korean drama I was watching on TV. Just some ramblings and babblings that come to mind on a Monday. :)

The drama serial is about two boys who love playing the piano. One of them started learning the piano from the age of three, while the other boy started learning much later, but is a prodigy who is gifted with perfect pitch.

I've always loved the sound of piano. Even though I only learnt piano for one short month when I was in Primary Three and gave up learning because I was too bored by the theory part, my love for the piano didn't end there. I didn't have a piano at home, so every time I had a chance to visit the Music room in school, I would fiddle on the piano even though I didn't know how to play. That was the only piano in school, and to me, it was the most beautiful thing in school.

Then one day, my friend who knew how to play the piano taught me a tune, and I started practising the same tune everyday. It was the only tune I knew. But every time I played the tune, I was filled with happiness in my heart.

By the time I got to Secondary School, I would reach school one hour early purposefully everyday, just so that I can play the piano in the School Hall. I had a praise & worship songbook at home, and I started playing the songs on the piano based on that. It was a miracle no less because the songbook was a guitar chord book! Bit by bit, I managed to figure out where was the C key on the piano, then I was able to play all the family chords for C key. It was the key that didn't involve any minor notes, so that begun my transposing days. I would transpose every song in my songbook into C key, so that I could play them on the piano. I didn't realise that at the beginning, but because of all the daily transposing practices, I became so proficient at it that I could transpose any song without much problems.

As the years went by, it seemed that my practicing efforts did pay off. By and by, I was able to play other keys as well by trial and error. Though I wasn't very proficient at my playing and I couldn't read any musical scores, I was able to help out by playing at weddings and certain events when a trained pianist was not available. I was filled with gratitude in my heart that I was able to do the thing I enjoyed most. God gave me many opportunities to play and I was thankful beyond measure.

As I looked back on this part of my growing up life, I was reminded again of how passion can drive a person forward. I am not a prodigy or am exceptionally talented, but I was able to pick up a skill simply because I had the passion for it. Passion pushed me to spend time and commit to practising it everyday without fail. Passion gave me the strength to try, try and try some more. I didn't receive formal coaching, so I had to spend double and triple the amount of effort to learn the skill, but passion gave me the motivation to keep going on. Passion is indeed such an important thing in anything we do. Without passion, everything becomes half-hearted and loses its soul.

And this made me think about how I can help my kids harness their passion in life. One thing is for sure - Passion cannot be taught. It has to come naturally. My passion for piano came just like that - my mom or dad didn't tell me to try liking the piano, but I just do. As a mom myself now, how can I help my kids to discover what their passion in life is?

Some parents send their kids to all kinds of enrichment and interest classes, regardless of whether the kids enjoy them or not. I am not such a parent, and I do not have the means to send them for everything. But I guess it's no harm letting them go and try different stuffs and discover for themselves what they really enjoy doing. Having a passion in life can bring so much joy into a person's life. Piano is one of my many passions, and everything I'm passionate in gives me strength and motivation at different points of my life. That's really important, I feel. A person who is unmotivated cannot move forward. Here and there, I discover what my kids enjoy doing, but whether it is a passion or not, it may still be too early to tell. This is definitely something I need to ponder and consider for my kids.

What are you passionate about in your life? If you have not been tapping on that passion enough recently, perhaps it's time to do something to bring back that passion again. Drive away the lethargy & bring on the passion!

Friday, September 20, 2013

She's Got My Creative Genes

The husband may be smarter than me in terms of mathematics, politics and general knowledge, but when it comes to 'creative things', I win hands-down. And I am very relieved that Joey seemed to have gotten this part of the good genes from me! *phew*

Joey was at home on two days' MC the last two days, and while we were wondering what to do in the afternoon yesterday, she gleefully brought out this box which she received on her birthday from one of my friends. Jayne was in school, so it seemed like the perfect time to finally get started on it because there would be no little imp who would disturb the creative sister. =X


I totally underestimated the power of this box of scrapbooking kit for kids. It was awesome with so many pieces of pretty paper, cardboard press-outs, stickers and came complete with glue, hard covers, strings and foam stickers! It's got everything made easy for kids to attempt scrapbooking! I was very tempted to steal some of the pretty papers for myself - not joking.


Yes, polka dots always get to me without fail.


There was even an instruction manual, teaching the kid how to put the scrapbook together, with suggestions and ideas thrown in as well. Certain items such as photo corners are pre-cut, making it simpler for the kid to assemble the book together. Really good!


After merely an hour, this was what Joey managed to put together. Is my kid awesome or what???


And check out what she wrote in the journal (published with her permission) - Ignore the grammatical and spelling errors - she's after all only a Primary One kid - The effort and ideas behind it all were fantastic. And in some of them, she was just being brutally honest and while I may not agree with all that she's written, it's her journal after all (Just like how she disagrees with some of the things I write in my blog, but it's my blog after all!). =P In any case, I'm very proud of her. =D


This is so going to be one of the books she would read and laugh over when she's grown up! =)

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