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Monday, April 17, 2006

Joey's Sleeping Styles

It's fun watching my little one sleep. She makes so many facial expressions and when we are in one of those good moods to let her arms be free and not bundled up, she'll move them up, down, left, right all in one minute. She's such an active baby even when she's asleep!

"Dear God, I pray that I will grow up to be as pretty as mummy and as tall as daddy."

"Hmmm... I wonder why my saliva keeps coming out by itself.. slurp..."

"What's wrong with these adults? Talk so loud, how to expect me to sleep?? sigh.."

I decided to take some snapshots of Joey while she's asleep this morning. She's wearing a new bodysuit, a gift from Sis Ting, and she looks so sweet in it! Hee hee...