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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sick for a Split Second

I caught a chill last night. When I woke up from my afternoon nap, I already felt very cold and weak, but thought nothing about it. Maybe I'm just still tired, I thought. Nevertheless I dragged myself up from bed and went to take a shower. After I came out of the shower, I suddenly felt very very cold and sleepy, so I felt my forehead which felt exceptionally hot. So I quickly took my temperature which confirmed that I had a fever of 39.1 degrees. Sigh... how can I fall sick now, when I need to take care of Joey?

So I was banned from going near to Joey or touching her last night for fear that I might pass the virus to her. Babies are very fragile, they catch viruses very easily. Sigh, even the breastmilk I expressed out got to be discarded just in case there were any germs or bacteria inside. I'd rather not take the risks. Anyway, it's such a sad feeling not being able to touch joey, or pacify her when she cries! But for her sake, I got to be an obedient mother.

Anyway, after taking panadol last night, I am already recovered today! Thank God the fever subsided as fast as it came. Already an hour after I took the medicine last night, I was feeling much better and the fever seemed to have gone. But just to play safe, I did not go near joey or took care of her last night. Isaiah did all the waking up. Haha..

I must say Isaiah is a good father because when some new fathers would only play with their babies and run away when it's time to feed or change their diapers (believe me, the sight can be quite horrifying at times. Don't believe me, check out joey's poo in the archive entries.) But for Isaiah, he's been very hands-on and has done everything. Perhaps got to do with the fact that my mum in law was a babysitter for 10 years, so he's quite used to such things. Anyway, it's good to have a burden shared and when i am super tired, he can do the taking care at night. : )

I pray I will not fall sick again. Must really take care of myself and not let the fan blow directly at me (or my bones will ache in the future!) or on the aircon too cold. Otherwise when my confinement is over and my mum in law needs to go back to her work, I'll have a hard time taking care of joey. God, please help me!!

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