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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas In Church

Ever since I became a church staff, Christmas has been the busiest season in the entire year. This year is no exception. With 5 services over Sat, Sun and Mon, I spent most of my weekends in church. Joey was of course with me throughout! OK, enough of talk! Photo feast begins!

Stripped tee with a stripped bandana. Hehe.. Matching eh..

In the church nursery. I moved from Nursery 2 to Nursery 1 because there's this big colourful playpen in N1 which Joey can roam and crawl & climb. Her energy is limitless, I tell you. Even the nursery workers commented that she is a very active baby.

But I can't leave her alone even for one second. She'd want to put the toys into her mouth and eat them. And these are public toys, how gross can it get. Oh well, just for this photo sake, I kinda stopped her a little late and she got a taste of the rattle ball. Eeekkkksss!

She spotted a pink pig!

And of course, she went for it.

I was on duty for distributing the Santa hats, so Joey and Isaiah waited for me while I finish my work.

We made Joey wear a Santa hat too. But she couldn't wait to pull it off! Hahaha... maybe very itchy..

Mummy looks cute in it though. Haha!

I tell you, Joey kept staring at the lights on my santa hat and for a moment, I think she couldn't recognise me because of the extra hat I was wearing! She looked really bewildered..

By the way, my MIL came for service too. We met Auntie Liying outside the carnival hall, and to our surprise, she actually knows my MIL and has even spoken to her over the phone before! What a small world..

That's Joey's image for today's service. Haha.. she's frowning cos of the bright sunlight..

Back to the same nursery & playpen that she has been playing in for 3 days! Haha...

Staring at the TV screen.... Christmas drama production... :)

Oh yes, did I mention we met one of our old friend, Leslie, yesterday too? Hehe... He has a newborn 3-month-old called Joseph. Joseph is so adorable! =)

That wraps up my Christmas weekend! Merry Christmas to one and all~