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Monday, April 07, 2008

The Flyer Night!

As part of Joey's birthday celebration, we went to take the Singapore Flyer tonight!

Seriously, I do feel that it's too expensive for a 30-minute ride, but the night scene was really beautiful. =D

On our way out... In her new Ed Hardy dress.. =)

And her new Hello Kitty bag!

On the train..

We asked her to hold on tight to the railing because the connecting cabins of the MRT are very shaky, and she really held on to the railing with all her life. Haha..

Dinner time..

Looks like Joey can't wait to move on to the highlight programme of the night!

Here we go!!!

The inside of the Flyer is very spacious, but probably because there were only my family and another couple inside. Each cabin can take 20 odd people.

The beautiful night scenery of Singapore...

I love this Kuan family photo!!! =)

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