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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Off To Pulau Ubin & Chek Jawa!

It's a tiring but very fun expedition to Pulau Ubin today! I am now typing this with wobbly legs and aching muscles on my whole body, but it was a great workout! Haha.. Had lots of fun cycling with Joey in the baby seat behind me, and it was a challenge trying to keep my balance on the rocky and stony paths. Not to mention the upgoing slopes... Haha.. I shall let the photos do the talking in this entry. Took tons of photos! wooopeeee!

Joey all prepared waiting for leave the house. Smart-looking in her new cap from Fox..

Downstairs waiting for Shu Shu to come & fetch..

Joey's very 1st sampan boat ride!

I like these papa & daughter photos... so very sweet.. =D

Not forgetting Mummy Kless of course!

Don't ask me why, but upon reaching Pulau Ubin, Joey suddenly started her 'posing' act. She stuck her hands into her pockets and striked the very 'cool' poses, while waiting for me to snap pictures of her. Haha.. Very stylo mylo, I tell you..

Then it all came to an abrupt end because I think she saw a dog.. kekeke..

After cycling for about 20 mins, we came to a juncture that does not allow bicycles to enter, and we could only go by foot. Joey, the tour guide, checking out the map..

They've developed the Chek Jawa protected area by building wooden planks path for people to walk along.. It's a serene feeling walking along the paths cos of the greenery, birds chirping... =D

The very tall observation tower that we climbed..

The different sceneries I saw while climbing the observation tower..

Joey reached the top!

Drinks, anyone??

After we came down from the observation deck, we walked along the paths to see the mangrove swamps.. They're really the signature sights of Chek Jawa.. Strong roots!!

I am amazed at Joey's stamina actually.. She just kept walking and walking and didn't whine a bit! =)

We spotted jellyfish!!

While the rest are having lunch, brought Joey to take a walk on the muddy beach..

There were many things on the beach that intrigued Joey.. haha..

Check out the full set of photos here!

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