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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love To See Her Having Fun

You know, no matter how frustrated Joey makes me at times, I feel all happy again just seeing her enjoying herself and having fun. Kids’ laughs & smiles are so genuine and real, and everytime Joey laughs heartily, I can’t help but feel happy from the inside of me too. I am sure all parents agree with me on this. :)

Today, Joey went to East Coast Park because Papa Isaiah has to play a soccer match.

She was fascinated by the group of people playing on the beach…





  In bid to entertain Joey, I let her rent a bicycle to ride. She had fun! =D




Just look at the glee on her face!


She was riding so fast, some of the photos I took were blur! But you can still see how much fun she was having! =D


DSC04295 DSC04296

Don’t you feel like laughing along with her? Hahaha..