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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault

We don’t even have to teach our kids that, but they already know how to ‘shift’ blame whenever they can.

Or maybe we did teach them that sub-consciously?


We have noticed that ever since Joey learnt the art of arguing & logical debating, she has already learnt that NOTHING that ever went wrong was her fault. It was always SOMEONE ELSE’s fault. Of course, she still boldly admits when she spills a bowl of cereals, mess up the whole living room with her toys or wets the whole floor with water. But when it comes to things that allows her to exhibit her drama queen traits & turn into a pity pie, she will non-hesitantly do it.

Just yesterday she was at home with my MIL and she was climbing up & down the sofa like a monkey again and she (for the first time) fell from the sofa onto the floor! Know what are her first words in the midst of all the crying???

“Nai Nai, why you never come & catch me and just let me fall?????!!!” (faintz)

Joey’s feet has been growing pretty fast, so she outgrows her shoes at amazing rates (very sad for our pockets). So when she gets feet pain after wearing a certain pair of shoes for too long, we will naturally ask her, ‘Is it because the shoes are too small and tight?’ She would then answer,

‘Yes, too small. Because Papa, Mama never buy new shoes for me lor!’ (*%$#^&*@)

Then you might have read from my hubby’s blog that he called home yesterday morning to chit chat with Joey and Joey told him that I cut her toenails too deep the night before and it was very painful for her. She told me the same thing when she called me minutes later, and I actually felt guilty for being careless. When I reached home at night, I realised that Joey has an in-grown toenail, which is causing her big toe to swell! It was so painful for her that she didn’t sleep well the previous night. And she kept harping that it was BECAUSE I cut her nails too deep. Sigh!

Yes Lord, I did pray for a smart kid, but she is WAY TOO SMART FOR ME sometimes. =P