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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yakult Factory Tour

Thanks to a fellow mummy friend who arranged for a Yakult factory tour for her kids but couldn’t make it in the end, I took her place and brought my kids there this morning!

I’ve been thinking about going for a tour at the Yakult factory because it’s situated at Senoko, which is very near to my home. Joey also loves the drink, so I thought it might be a fun experience for her.

Reached the factory rather early this morning at 930am. Tour is scheduled to start at 10am.



Along with us, two other families also joined in the tour. We tagged along with a tour group from Cherie Hearts Childcare Centre today, so the whole programme was presented such that 2 to 3 year-olds can understand. Just right for Joey. :)

Since we were early, we toured around the visitors’ corner and took photographs. Amazed to find many different versions of Yakult bottles from all over the world. Why is there a need for a customized design for every country? *wonders*



We were ushered to a ‘classroom’ to wait for the rest of the group to arrive.


There’s a complimentary bottle of Yakult for every guest. How nice. I was thirsty from all the waiting. =P






The kids arrived from Cherie Hearts Childcare Centre. Some of them looked really excited. Most of the kids drank their Yakults almost immediately when they saw it. Haha..


There was a talk on digestive systems and how good & bad bacteria exist in our digestive systems. The speaker even went into describing different kinds of ahem ‘shit’. *roll eyes* Of course, the kids were very amused.


They also showed a cartoon at the end, showing how good bacteria fights the bad bacteria in our bodies.


Then came the more interesting part of the tour which allowed us to see the whole process of the making of Yakults.

The seed room (where they germinate and grow the good bacteria)


The cultivation room (where they multiply and cultivate the good bacteria)


The packing & sealing room




DSC05939 DSC05940


Interesting facts I learnt about Yakult today:

  • Singapore is the only country in the world that sells different flavors of Yakult. Everywhere else in the world only has 1 flavor. (I wonder why)
  • Yakult had wanted to stop producing multi-flavors some years back and stick to only 1 original flavor. They had wanted to stop the flavors batch by batch and the first flavor they stopped producing was ….. STRAWBERRY flavor! After that, the management decided not to stop anymore, so today we still have apple, peach, grape and orange flavors. (What a flavor to stop. Strawberry Yakult sounds really nice.)
  • The Yakult bottles in Singapore are bigger than most bottles used in other countries. (Because Singaporeans drink more??!)

At the end of the factory tour, I had the privilege to do an exclusive interview with Miss Joey Kuan. Hear what she has to say:

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The Yakult factory is located at 7 Senoko Ave. The educational tour is available Free-Of-Charge. Contact them at 62577882, and they can arrange something for you & your kids. Every guest will be given a complimentary Yakult during the visit, and at the end of the tour, you may purchase Yakult at special discounted rates.


San said...

My favourite drink! And now, Jay's too! Haha...

Hmm... strawberry yakult? So interesting!

Klessis said...

ya boy, after learning about how good they are for my body, I think I will drink it alot more now! Haha..

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Very interesting Facts.!

I did not know that we are the only people in the world with so many different flavors