Friday, January 08, 2010

A UFO Has Landed In My House

An Unidentified Flying Object landed in my house a few days ago.

7Jan 027

The UFO was actually quite pretty with lots of colours, to say the least.

7Jan 026

From within the UFO came a little alien girl dressed in white.

7Jan 021

It’s Joey!

 7Jan 007

The UFO was supposed to be a play gym for Baby Jayne, but she hasn’t been showing that much enthusiasm for it, so Joey has claimed it as her own for the time being. It’s bouncy, comfy and flexi. Makes a good seat and allows some rolling around.

7Jan 024

When asked to pose inside the UFO, she did 2 poses which totally exemplifies the statement - “How to sleep in a UFO”.

7Jan 016

7Jan 015

This is a good toy. Not only does she bounce around in it, maneuver it and attempts to cartwheel it around in it…

7Jan 023

… she pretends to be a princess sitting on a throne too.

7Jan 033 

I am thinking that this UFO can be a play gym for Baby Jayne (she can’t get out of it yet) and when she outgrows it, it can be used as a mini swimming pool for the kids during bath time! =D

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