Friday, June 25, 2010

It’s This Kind Of Thing I Wouldn’t Wanna Pass On

You know how people always say we become who our parents are?

There’re some truths in it, for sure, but I would rather believe that I will only inherit the good stuffs of my parents and leave behind the not-so-good ones. Of course, I can’t be a perfect person and along the way, I pick up my own not-so-good stuffs as well.

One very bad thing about me and my lifestyle is that I am a fruit-hater.

I am pretty sure my mum tried to stuff me with lots of fruitty goodness when I was a little girl, but I probably resisted everything the best I knew how. Things have started to get better nowadays because out of nowhere and for some unknown reason, I’ve started to develop a liking for some fruits (Think watermelon and watermelon).

One thing for sure, I don’t want my kids to inherit this portion of me because I do know that fruits are good for health, complexion, detoxification and what-nots. I want my kids to grow up loving something that can make them healthy and glow, for sure!

But because I hate fruits, I didn’t have the habit of giving fruits to my kids, which is a really bad thing. Thankfully, the moment Joey started preschool, she got her daily portion of fruits. But before the age of three, her fruit intake was really sparse and pretty limited to her weekend trips home to Grandma’s (My mum’s a super fruit lover).

Now that I’ve come to a sudden realization of my folly, I’ve decided to redeem myself and now include this important element into Baby Jayne’s diet.

You would have read yesterday about my dragonfruit adventure (though it didn’t end quite well), and turns out, Baby Jayne kinda likes dragonfruit too. She eventually produced a packet of pretty purplish polka dottish dung, which I reckon was quite worth the effort afterall.

And today, I went along and bought Golden Kiwi (supposedly very highly nutritional and sweet!) for Baby Jayne and rock melon for Joey! How about a round of applause for this quick-to-repent-and-immediately-takes-action Mama??!

I have plans to make apple sauce and pear sauce, as well as strawberry jam so that my girls can also have fruits for desserts! How cool!

I pray this is not just another of my 5-minute enthusiasm. =)

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