Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why She Would Sit Still

Baby Jayne is pretty hyperactive, if you still do not know by now. She cannot sit still and she has to be on the move constantly. That is the reason why I stuff her with all kinds of food from dusk to dawn. That is the only reason she would sit down and not move for 5-10 minutes.

You will therefore understand why this is worth an entry all on its own. Baby Jayne doesn’t sit still, and when she does, it’s worth noting. So that I can arrange for the situation to be re-enacted when necessary.

There she was, sitting on the edge of the bed quietly. Obviously looking at something very interesting in front of her.



Haha it’s funny watching her. She has 1001 expressions.


Truth be told, she’s actually watching her big sister who’s doing her big business in the toilet. I guess it’s kinda boring while you’re doing your business, so the little one accompanies her big sister by chatting with her. Haha! (Oh man, check out her frown. Maybe she was trying to help her sister or something… LOL!)


She actually enjoys doing this alot. Hehe..



Just yesterday, I spotted Baby Jayne sitting quietly again, and this time round, she was watching her Yeye doing some repair work at the door.



The good thing was that she didn’t disturb Yeye, and only sat next to him and accompanied him. It’s such a sweet thing ya? :)




My Jayne is such a funny and cute girl, isn’t she? Smile


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