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Reebonz: Unveil The Surprise!

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Let’s admit it: We just love shopping, don’t we?

There is something about browsing through desirable items, deciding what to buy and making those beautiful items ours that makes shopping such an enjoyable experience. In this time and age, we don’t even need to step out of our house to get decent shopping done. In fact, if you ask me, I prefer online shopping anytime!

When Reebonz approached me to do a review on their e-store, I was excited! I’ve heard of Reebonz before, but never really checked out their website. I only know that they are an exclusive e-store that conducts regular members-only sales. Now, who doesn’t like exclusive stuffs?? =)

Just a bit about Reebonz: Reebonz is an exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales. Events are held for short periods of time and are open to members only. Joining as a membership is free but you have to be invited by an existing member. The reason why they are so exclusive is because they only offer premium brands, though at discounted rates. If you are a fan of branded products such as Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu, etc, you are so going to go crazy over the fabulous prices the products are going at!


Each sale event typically lasts between 2 to 3 days, but if you are really a fan of a certain brand, you have to act really fast! The products sell off at an amazingly fast rate. Before you know it, you might have missed out on the product you so badly wanted, and once the sale is over, it’s gone for good!

What I really want to highlight today is that Reebonz has just launched their Kids section and now, they conduct private sales for children products such as clothes, books, toys and educational tools! Many of these premium brands from UK and USA cannot even be found in Singapore stores/ Plus, they are all going at discounted rates (For every product, you’d be able to see the discounts you’re enjoying based on current sale price in the physical stores)!

Reebonz very kindly sent me two toys from The Learning Journey that I chose out for my girls and they came hand delivered in a big black box with gold ribbons. Very classy and totally demonstrated the element of surprise for my girls as they didn’t know what was inside the big black box! =)

The toy I chose out for Baby Jayne is an interesting Talking Train (Retail price: S$60) that sings the ABC song. I chose it because it was colourful, looks very smiley and happy and has all the alphabets printed on one side of the train. It was about time to start some lesson since she’s turning two next month.



Baby Jayne loves good music and so the chirpy ABC immediately attracted her. She kept fiddling with the alphabets as the song would be triggered when any of the alphabets is pressed. =)


A surprise element that I didn’t know about this train when I chose it was that it was actually remote-controlled! Anything that’s remotely controlled excites my kids. Haha.. With a press of a button, the train moves forward in a toot-toot sound. The other button makes it go backwards. This may be a toy that is more suitable for those 2-3 years old, even my Joey was intrigued by it because of the remote control function. =)


As for Joey, I went ahead and chose a toy that could teach her to read time because it was something I felt she needed to learn at this point in time. It would be beneficial for her to be able to read the clock. Thank God Reebonz’s toys are all so educational and interesting! I found this Talking Clock (Retail price: S$45) that could function as a clock as well as to teach kids how to read the time.


One of the functions is a ‘Show me the time’ game. A voice tells you, ‘Please show me what is 11.55pm’ (the digital clock would show 11.55) and the kid would need to move the clock hands so that it shows the time asked for. If it’s correct, the game goes on. As Joey played the game, I explained along the way how to move the hands to the correct time. By and by, she started to understand how time is being read. With more practice, I think she would be able to read the clock very soon!



An additional function of the toy is that it also serves as a bedside lamp.


Joey loves it so much, the toy now stands next to her bed. It is pretty convenient too as it runs on batteries and not electricity, so we could place it anywhere we want. During the time when Joey wakes up and wants to have a drink, she’d just tap on this little light. Really quite convenient and nice. =)


Thanks to Reebonz for sending over such wonderful toys that were both entertaining as well as educational. I love the idea of surprising my kids once in a while with little things like these.


Now, whether you want to give someone a surprise or give yourself a nice little present, you should hop over to Reebonz now to check out their exclusive deals now! Remember: It is exclusive, so you need to be a member in order to be able to participate in the sales. Good thing is membership is free, so all you need to do is to sign up to be a member, and you could be on your way to own your dream item at exclusive prices! Wait no more, click on this and sign up today!

Have fun! =D

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