Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore (Part II): Enjoying The Park

After going on the fun Madagascar Crate Adventure ride, we hopped on to yet another fun ride in USS – The Merry-go-round!


The last time we visited USS, Baby Jayne only sat on the carriage. This time round, she sat on a single seat by herself. She had so much fun going up and down, up and down, as we went round and round. =D




As there was still some time before lunch, we went roaming around USS. The whole place was crowded and packed with people! Thank God for a glorious and wonderful weather!



Passed by the hats store, and we had fun with the random hats provided for photo-taking outside the store. Some looked really funny!


Haha Baby Jayne tried on a colourful jester hat too!



As we walked along, we met Betty Boop! She was my fav character during my Secondary School days! She’s bimbotically cute!


Surprisingly, Baby Jayne also wanted to take photo together with Betty Boop as well! The first time we visited USS, she was so scared of all the mascots that she’d run away as fast as she could when we met one. This time round, she wanted to queue up and take photos with them. Awesome! =D


This funny girl just stood there straight as a pole for a full minute. Wonder what she was thinking about??


It felt like such a carefree excursion. There were laughter ringing in the air, smiling faces everywhere. It was a place of vacation and fun. =)


But that’s not to say that we were not tired. In fact, we were chasing after Baby Jayne most of the time. She was half-running, half-jogging the whole time, excitedly exploring the whole place. But, it was also a great time of bonding and fun with our little baby. =D



Before we headed back for lunch, we passed by a nice dance performance by the New York dancers! They brought the entire atmosphere up several notches!


It was really a very hot day, so we took a break at the resting pavilion where there were large fans blowing at us. Baby Jayne was so cute! Haha, I couldn’t resist taking shots of her enjoying the cooling wind.



Just look at her face! Haha!



Finally it was lunchtime! The folks at Resorts World Sentosa were very kind to host us for lunch at the Case De Wild restaurant, which was inside Madagascar. Love the interior of the restaurant! =D


Hubby & I ordered roast chicken and rendang respectively. The food was delicious, and I especially liked the curry veg. Very yummy food they’ve got here!



They also served Baby Jayne a kids’ set that came with pasta with meat balls and a super cute Woody Woodpecker lunch box.



We were even presented with gifts at the end. A Madagascar watch and USS special edition pen. Thank you to the very nice people at RWS!



And once again, thanks for inviting us. We had such a great time at USS! =D

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