Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Across The Causeway, There Lies A Gem

Seeing that we stay so near to the Woodlands Checkpoint, it’s little wonder that we often decide to go shopping at JB instead of going all the way to Orchard Road. When there is no jam, we can get to JB in 20 minutes, which is way faster than driving to Orchard Road for sure. =D Plus, there are too many treats enticing us from across the causeway: The cheap and good car wash, cheap and good food, cheap and good household necessities, and recently we discovered, cheap and good indoor playground for the kids!

Inside the KSL Shopping Mall, there lies an indoor play gym and we only just discovered it at our last visit there. Indoor play gyms are common, but not in shopping malls in Singapore. So to find one in KSL mall, it felt like we uncovered a gem of some sort! =X

The main point is, you can never guess how much it costs for the kids to play inside. A mere RM3 for 20 minutes of play time. (Horrors of horrors! I could easily be made to pay 10 times that amount for a play gym in Singapore!) That’s less than S$1.50 per kid! Hubby had to ask me to double check the price when I told him about it. It was almost unbelievable.



Do not think that just because it’s very cheap, the service would be haphazard. They took temperatures of every kid who entered and sanitized their hands. All kids must also wear socks before entering and socks are available for sale at RM1 per pair (that’s less than 50 cents for goodness’ sake!). If you would like to deposit your kids in the play gym while you go shopping, you may leave your contact number with the person-in-charge, and he/she would call you if your kids need attention. How convenient! Of course, since we were in a foreign land, we dared not. =X We stayed with the kids inside the gym – There was a small area for parents to wait, where we could watch Cantonese drama serials while waiting. Drinks and ice-cream were on sale as well. Nice.


The play gym was three storey high, complete with lots of slides, ball pools, swings and a trapeze which was Joey’s absolute favourite.



Best of all, the play gym was not crowded, so there was lots of space for my kids to run wild!



On days like these, we feel that we’ve accomplished something for everyone – Shopping for Papa & Mummy, and play time for the kids. Awesome ttm.

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