Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Child Has Her Own Labels

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I’ve always had a soft spot for labels, especially really girly and pretty ones. I may not be the age of a young girl now but my state of mind is still very much that of a young girl. You know how people say it’s important to stay young at heart – I am precisely doing that. And so, when a fellow mummy blogger, Daphne recently started her own label printing company and very kindly offered to print some labels for Joey & Jayne, I was thrilled! =D

Child Label offers some really lovely designs for vinyl waterproof labels that’s bound to attract any kid’s attention. When I first browsed through the designs they have, I couldn’t make up my mind which I liked the best. They were all so cute and colourful! =D Just some of the designs they have to offer:

Really nice, isn’t it?? =D I’m secretly contemplating ordering a set in my own name…. =P

Wanna see the labels my kids got?? =D




I chose the Cutie Crawlies series in round labels, and they came in designs of bumble bee, ladybug and a worm in an apple! Really awesome cute.

As you can see, I opted for the ‘Split Pack’ option where I could print 2 different names on one set of labels (Each set contains 3 sheets of labels). This works perfectly for those of us who has more than 1 kid! =)




I love it now that I could label all my girls’ stuffs! Label, label, label!!!


Thanks Daph! My girls love the labels so much they wanna eat them!!!!



Hop over to Child Label now to place your order now! =D

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