Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Those Sweet Memories of MILO :)

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I was, and still is, a big fan of MILO®.

Growing up, MILO® has always been some kind of a comfort drink for me. Drinking it makes me happy and contented. Think about the deep chocolaty taste and sweetness… Ooooh! It would drive any blues away in an instance!

My fondest memory about MILO® has got to be those daily big mugs of MILO® that my grandmother made for me when I was still a kid. Grandma lived in Malaysia but I was living in Singapore with my parents. A few times a year, we would travel back to Malaysia to visit her and spend time with her. Each time I was there, Grandma would make a big mug of hot MILO® for me every morning. Sometimes, I’d refuse to drink it because it was too hot and I wanted to rush out to play. But I’ll always remember Grandma’s words, “Even if you don’t have the appetite to eat any breakfast, at least have a cup of MILO before you go!” Grandma has left us for close than 10 years now, but the remembrance of her love for me always warmed my heart. =) 

Oh, and do you remember the MILO® truck? The big green MILO truck dispensing cups after cups of chilled MILO was always something I looked forward to as a kid during my school’s annual Sports’ Meets. It had become a memorable part of my growing up years - Something that symbolised happiness!

264830_10150254627524573_92694629572_7097495_2364544_n Photograph taken from MILO’s Facebook

I may be a fan of MILO®, but my younger brother has got to be an even bigger fan than me. He can literally live on MILO® and nothing else. My mum was happy to indulge us of course, seeing that MILO® has lots of vitamins and magnesium, and is a good source of energy and nutrients. And we’ve had so much fun experimenting with making MILO shakes, MILO ice-cubes, MILO ice-cream etc etc. Haha, those were the days! Looking at how much bigger built my younger brother is compared to me, I should think MILO did its work on him well! =P

Now as a mum myself, I would always keep a tin of MILO® at home for my kids. It’s a quick fix when they have hunger pangs late at night or just feel like having a warm beverage. It’s also a comfort drink on a cold rainy night! =) Now, my kids are big fans of MILO®, and I think so will my grandchildren and grand grandchildren! Haha!


So much for sisterly love. =.=

By the way, MILO’s recent campaign is a really sweet campaign focused on family life. They have just released a video, encouraging people to share their ‘MILO Story’ as well. Take a look at the video on Lisa’s MILO® story:

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Do you have a MILO story to share as well? =) Share it at

Let’s keep this love for MILO going strong! =D