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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Bali Vacation: Door Frames & The Beach Culture

One of the things you’d notice in Bali is how elaborate their door frames are. To mark a new territory, the Balinese build beautiful door frames so that you feel like you’re stepping into a brand new world once you walk through the frames.

This was the door frame at the entrance of a temple. Interestingly, they don’t usually build walls or fences there. Usually, a place is marked only by its door frames. Beautiful, if you ask me. They’re usually carved from stones or wood. You can find exquisite workmanship here at Bali.



And at many places, most often by the door frames, you would find drooping flag poles like the one below. I don’t really know what they’re for, but they’re really everywhere. You can also purchase miniature ones from the shops, so they’re symbolic of Bali.



The beach scene at Bali is vibrant. That’s an understatement because people go to Bali mainly for its beaches. The moment you step onto the beach area, you’ll be approached by vendors left, right and centre, asking you to buy bracelets, necklaces, watches, T-shirts, do hair braiding, manicure/pedicure, massages etc. Thankfully, the Balinese are typically very gentle and not aggressive, so you just have to politely refuse them and walk away. Then again, that’s really part and parcel of the vibrant and cheerful beach culture at Bali. Immerse yourself in it, and you’ll really enjoy yourself. That’s what we did! =D


Joey & I went for the hair braiding on the beach. Cost us 120,000 baht (equivalent to about S$17) for the two of us. Definitely not the cheapest around, but I’m really not good at bargaining, so as long as it’s an acceptable price, I’ll take it. =P

It was an interesting experience doing our hair braiding on the beach because during the 20 minutes or so, we were people watching. The Balinese ladies were chit chatting with each other, laughing heartily here and there. The tourists were enjoying some massages while listening to the waves. There were many vendors calling out to the tourists who were walking by. It was a bustling place, and full of interesting conversations and sights. =)


That’s Joey doing her hair braiding. =D


And me!


It was amazing that Joey could sit still for so long without fussing! Haha! It was seriously no joke - my back was aching by the end of it! But I had an enjoyable time chatting with the lovely Balinese lady who was braiding Joey’s hair. =) She was such a sweet and simple woman, and could understand my English perfectly.


Baby Jayne was entertained by one of the boat owners who was trying to get us to take his boat to Turtle Island. =P If there’s something I’ve noticed about the Balinese, it’s that they’re all very warm and friendly people. They’re all so gentle, polite and best of all, love kids!


The end result of Joey’s patient wait! She specifically requested for red & pink beads!


She looked SO CUTE! =D


We were a pair of hip hop mum & daughter! =P Papa Isaiah kept laughing at me. =.= LOL!


Thank you for doing wonders to our otherwise ordinary locks! =D