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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Crizal Giveaway Contest: Winner Revealed!

Thank you to everyone who participated for the Crizal Giveaway Contest! It’s been really fun reading all your comments, and I can totally relate to all the specs woes that you guys faced! Before Crizal came into the picture, I too struggled with all those inconveniences myself.

And I finally chose the person with the best comment left on the video. The winner for the Crizal Giveaway contest is:

Chiong Xiao Ting!

Congrats Xiao Ting! =) I hope you will really like your new pair of specs! =D

Once again, thanks everybody for your enthusiastic participation!!!! Even if you didn’t win this time round, I strongly recommend that you check out Crizal at the optical shops and discover its benefits for yourself. =)