Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rochester Park Playhouse (Part 1)

I’ve been wanting to visit Rochester Park because I’ve heard so much about it from friends. Most people tell me it’s similar to Dempsey Hill where there are many ‘atas’ restaurants in the area, mostly frequented by expatriates. And also because I’ve heard about this place called Rochester Park Playhouse, which is supposed to be a nice place for kids to hang out while adults dine. Finally, I made my way there!

Rochester Park is located in Dover, just across the road from Anglo Chinese Junior College.


The place really looks like Dempsey Hill, except much smaller. The restaurants line both sides of the road.


The Playhouse is located within the Seb’s Bistro and is just a short walk in from the main road.



According to the signage, it’s supposed to be a French restaurant. But we noticed their menu is very western & italian – The usual meats and pasta.



Always love lanterns like these…


Baby Jayne telling me that there’re little pebbles stuck in the ground. =)


We reached! And it was nice to see that the whole place has been decorated in the Halloween theme! =) In fact, there is an upcoming Halloween party happening in that place on coming Friday. Too bad it’s fully booked. Otherwise, would love to let the kids join in the dressing-up fun!



Check out the rates for the Playhouse – $7/hour/kid or you can go for the 2-hour promotion of $12. Unlimited play is only $15. If you are thinking of doing a party here for your kids, you can opt for the playgroup option, where you only need to pay $10/kid for three hours of play time. Pretty awesome I say! The kids would have a blast!


The playhouse is clean and brightly lit. Definitely colourful as well. My kids literally RAN in with screeches of glee.


As it was a Monday afternoon, the place was virtually ours. =P It’s a really cosy place to leave kids in. The dining area is just outside, so adults can keep a watch on the kids through the windows, while having a meal in peace. There are also staff who are inside the playhouse to make sure the kids are okay. You can rest assured to leave your kids inside the playhouse.


There are many different areas to entertain the kids. Even I felt happy being inside. Haha!




The slide & ball pool! =D Definitely a hit with Baby Jayne.



There’s an Art & Craft corner with materials provided for kids who wish to do some painting or craftwork.


And a dress-up area that looks really fun! =D


Play kitchen! Complete with dining table. Hehe!


And tons of toys for the toddlers..


My kids had so much fun inside while Hubby & I had a really nice relaxing lunch outside. It was such a great afternoon! More about the place & the food they serve in my post tomorrow! =)


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