Friday, November 04, 2011

I Like My Stuffs To Shout My Name! –

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Since young, I’ve always loved stuffs that are personalised and customised. Going to school wearing the same uniform, shoes and socks with 1000 other students was torturous. If the school rules could be bended, I would have done something to my otherwise-boring school uniform. The only thing I could so without getting into trouble was to personalise my school bag by pinning all kinds of badges on it and drawing cartoons on them with a marker pen. Those were the days. Now that I am all grown up, this love for personalisation never left me. I love labelling to make everything that belonged to me OBVIOUS that it’s mine. My kids already got my beautiful genes, so that’s also personalisation. =P

When Tolalu approached me, I was captured by the fact that everything could be personalised on their website. Every product can be personalised with the name of your kids, your own name, or whatever you want to name them. If you wish to name your book ‘Darling’, you can do so too. =D

The moment you go into the website, you will be invited to key in a child’s name. Of course, you can key in whatever you want in this space.


Then, the entire catalogue you browse through will have that name shown on the product, so that you can have a visual of what your products would look like! That’s so awesome, right??? It makes you feel like the entire website is customised just for you. Nice. =)

The website is neatly categorised into different types of products for easy browsing. There are many products to select from notebooks, stickers, calendars to storybooks and puzzles. Everything can be customised with your preferred name. I love it that everything is colourful and cheery, just the way I like it. There are so many to choose from, that I’m spoilt for choice!


In the end, I decided to choose a ballerina notebook and a set of stickers for Joey. Both are SO NICE!



Placing the order was simple and fast. Just follow instructions, and my orders were sent in 5 minutes flat! Hassle-free procedures makes online shopping a bliss. =D We waited excitedly for our products to be delivered! =)

The stickers were so colourful and vibrant! I totally love them!!! Joey stuck them everywhere – On her water bottle, wardrobe, table, files…


Very good quality stickers, I feel. Sticks well with really clear, sharp prints.


The notebook with her name was also very pretty and lovely. I’m so jealous my daughter has a book with her name on it!!! Joey was of course extremely thrilled to see the goodies when she came home from school!


They said it best – It’s all about the kids. =)


Check out Tolalu today!

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