Friday, December 02, 2011

Preparing For Christmas… With Your HP ENVY Printer!

Having a HP ENVY wireless printer in my house has been so useful. The fact that I don’t have to connect wires just to print something is the thing I appreciate the most. And of course, as a mum, the many interesting and fun applications inbuilt in my HP Envy printer have brought much joy & entertainment to my kids! They adore the printer (the apps actually) so much that they bug me to print something for them like all the time.


Now that our favourite season Christmas is approaching, I have been exploring the applications in the printer to see if there’re any Christmas-related items that I can print out for the kids. I was amazed by what I found! And me, being the very kind Kless (ahem!), am going to share my HP ENVY Christmas party package with those of you who also have HP printers! I think you’ll be amazed too at how versatile printers are nowadays! =)

1) Pre-Party Preparations

The very first impression of a Christmas party begins with the invitation card! Now, you can print out your own personalised party invitations straight from your HP ENVY Printer!

image001 (2)


Look at these gift tags that you can print out too, to customise the labels for the presents given out at the party. =)


And how about this customised Gift Certificate as gift? Looks nice & best of all, printed in the comfort of your home!


2) Entertaining The Kiddos During The Party

Crayola has always been my favourite app in my printer, and I love it that they’ve got Christmas-themed colouring sheets that I can print out for my girls. If you are planning for Christmas parties, these can be a very good entertainment for the kids coming for the parties! Just set up a corner for colouring with the colouring sheets & crayons, and you can be sure the kids will be kept busy for a while. =)




There is another app known as Free Printables, and I found so many gems in that app!


Just check out these paper crafts available for printing. Not only can you print out decorations for your house to set the Christmas mood, you can also print out interesting stuffs for the kids to do. You know how much kids love art & craft – Anything that requires cutting, sticking and decorating entices them! =)


This ‘Make Your Own Christmas Tree’ activity is definitely interesting at a party! The kids would be so thrilled to be able to leave with their own handmade Christmas trees!


These Christmas decorations and masks are pretty and lovely too. Love it! These can be found under the Dibo The Gift Dragon app. (Yes! So many cartoon-related apps that your kids can identify with!)


My Jayne didn’t know what to start with. So many choices! =D


Now this is one of my most favourite activities found in the apps!


So fun! Get the kids to bring their photos, cut out their heads and attach to the clothes! Haha! At the end, you can also get the kids to display their work on the wall.. =)


Other activity sheets I found from the DreamWorks app that can be printed for kids to enjoy at the parties!


Mask templates!


Puss In Boots Bookmarks!


Spot the Difference & Join The Dots activity sheets! =) So nostalgic..



3) Something For The Adults At The Party

To make your party a little more special, why not do a special item performance?? If you know how to play the piano or guitar, HP ENVY printer has an app on musical scores! Search for Christmas-related songs and impress your guests at the party! =D


Now, if you are brave enough to want to cook for your own party as well, the printer can help you too! There’s a ‘My Recipes’ app that you can use to choose recipes from, and cook according to the clear instructions given!




Look, the HP ENVY Printer can help you do everything this Christmas season! I almost forgot it’s a printer! LOL! Like I always say, if you are looking for a printer for your home, go for HP printers. I absolutely love my HP ENVY! It’s versatile, prints quietly & fast, and looks pretty just sitting there! Not forgetting the many, many useful apps you can find in the printer itself. What a gem. =)

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