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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sentosa Kidz Flea

Last Thursday, we brought the girls to Sentosa because we heard about the interesting Kidz Flea that will be happening at the Merlion Plaza. This is one of a kind flea market because the kids are the ‘bosses’ of the stalls! Sparking off the entrepreneurial spirit in the kids since young – Coolness!

It was also our first trip to Sentosa since we received our complimentary Sentosa Islander cards! =) The girls were exhilarated to be given their own cards!


The Sentosa Islander cards allow us complimentary entry into the island via car or the Sentosa Express. The girls love taking the Sentosa Express – Just look at their gleeful faces. =D


We alighted at the Imbiah Station, and were greeted with a large crowd of children gathered at the Merlion Plaza. There was an on-going puppet show!


The puppet was quite entertaining. Funny host. =)




After the puppet ended, we visited the Kidz Flea! =)



It looked like a typical flea market, except that you would see kids manning the stalls (with adults helping them of course!) and trying to promote their products as we walked past. Customers who patronize at least 2 stalls would receive coupons to exchange for free popcorn or candy floss. Pretty interesting, I would say!






Look at this pretty young entrepreneur! =) I was impressed with how polite and meticulous she was. She carefully introduced her products to us, told us how much and waited for us to browse through them.


In the end, we bought two colouring books from her at $1 each! Very worth it, because each colouring book comes with 2 full pages of coloured stickers each. =D



The flea market is very small but it’s interesting because the stalls are manned by kids, targeted at kids! Most of the stalls sold items used by children. =) My kids spent so much time browsing through every stall. Haha..


Nice initiative, Sentosa! =)

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