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Thursday, June 28, 2012

City Harvest Church: My Life, My Home

I am from City Harvest Church, and this is my story.

Unlike many young people who probably grew up in CHC, I joined CHC in my early adult years. I stepped into City Harvest Church for the very first time (at the then Hollywood Theatre) in 2002. I was already a Christian for about 10 years then in another church, and I was looking for another church that I could be planted in and serve in. I vividly remembered how blown away I was during my first visit to CHC. The hall was fully packed with many people, and everyone was praying fervently and with all their might. I even thought I had gotten the service timings wrong, and that the service was ending. Turned out, that was only the pre-service prayer meeting! I was in awe. I came from a charismatic church, and praying in tongues was common, but I had never felt the power of strong prayers like that. The presence of God was so strong and tangible, and I felt so touched even before the service started. This church is really different. Immediately, I knew this was the place I was looking for.

Coming from a Christian background, there were many old mindset and thinking in me that were challenged when I started attending CHC regularly. On the surface, I looked like a happy and carefree girl, but inside of me, there were lots of bitterness, anger and jealousy. Growing up, I had most things that I needed and wanted in life, but that made me a person who could not accept failures and I cared a lot about what people thought of me as a person. I was not happy because I was constantly trying to seek the approval of everyone around me. I was also very competitive and got jealous easily of friends who achieved more than me, or were more popular with people.

Over the years, God begun to mould me into a different person that I am today. Pastor Kong’s sermons are always full of faith and hope, and they gave me a strong foundation upon which I rewired my thoughts and attitudes. Every cell group meeting, service or prayer meeting I attended , strengthened me and made me more confident. The presence of God washed away the bitterness in my heart, and I no longer feel the resentment in my heart towards friends I used to be jealous of. With a renewed mind, I now see things in a different light. I am a new person.

Being in City Harvest Church has also given me the chance to be trained as a cell group leader. I was discipled by wonderful pastors and church leaders, who empowered me in many areas. From a person who was bitter and angry, I have become one who can show compassion and love for my members. From someone who needed help, I could now help others. My outlook on life was refreshed. My life was radically changed.

I am sure most of you would have heard about the investigations and the allegations made against the senior leadership of CHC. I do not know what the outcome will be at this point, but one thing I know for sure – I stand together with Pastor Kong, Sun, Pastor Tan and the rest of them who are facing the trials. They are all good people who have caused such a positive impact in my life, and I would not believe that they would have done anything against their conscience. Like how some of my friends put it, “They have too much fear of God in them to do something like that.’ Of course, systems may have shortfalls and some things could have been done in a better way, but at the end of the day, I trust in their character and integrity. That is enough for me at this point.

Before the case is concluded, let us not pass our own judgment. It does us no good, and it does not serve any purpose. My faith in God is not shaken. My faith in CHC is not shaken. My faith in Pastor Kong, Sun and Pastor Tan is not shaken. As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord and keep my church and leaders in prayers. If you would, please join me in up keeping this whole matter in your prayers as well.

In the end, God always has the final say.

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