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Monday, July 30, 2012

I've Emerged From A Busy Weekend!

Last weekend has been a really busy one for me because of the Emerge Conference 2012, but it was such great fun!

The Emerge Conference is the annual youth conference in my church where young people below 25 years old are given a platform to showcase their talents and to dream big for their lives. The youths in the church volunteered and participated in community projects, took part in various competitions and contests, and also put up all types of performances and led praise and worship during the services etc. I was there for all three days of the Conference as I was overseeing the Games Fiesta happening in between services. At the Fiesta, members from various zones set up 16 fixed and 3 mobile game stalls, and members are encouraged to play the games at as many stalls as possible to win prizes such as Emerge badges and T-shirts etc.

I am still recuperating from over exhaustion, so it's going to be a short post today on some photographs I snapped at the Games Fiesta. I am immensely proud of the young people in my church - their love for God and love for the people around them is really touching and encouraging. I am thankful that my kids are going to grow up in such a wonderful church and grow up to be young people who have a passion for God as well. =)

The 3-day Emerge Conference also ended on a high note with a video recording of a song written by 23 youths in the church, in support of the Church and the leadership. It was such a heart-warming video. =)

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