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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Made It Awesome-r

While no kid can resist a dry playground, water playgrounds are a different league altogether.

Whenever I run out of ideas on where to bring my kids to, and I desperately want to get out of the house for sanity sake, I bring my kids to the rooftop playground at Sembawang Shopping Centre. That place is perfect for me because it's relatively near to my place, and it has both dry and wet playgrounds in one place. Plus, parents can feast and rest at one of the two restaurants on the rooftop, while keeping a close watch on the kids. I absolutely love being there especially on a Monday when it's super quiet and peaceful.

We were there at around 5pm, but the sun was still shining brightly. That's why water playgrounds are way more awesome than dry ones. They are totally made for the tropical climate we have on our side of the world. The best way to cool down is to get soaked at the water playground!

On a Monday 5pm, the whole playground was deserted. That was just great because the girls ran and chased after each other in the whole playground. I didn't even need to feel embarrassed when they screamed and shouted too loudly because there was on others around! =P

I didn't let them wear their swimsuits because Joey's was getting too tight for comfort. The girls had fun any way! Look how soaked this little Jayne was. =P

It used to be that both girls dared not run through this water tunnel. Now, they loved it.

Yep, definitely a sign of her love for the water tunnel.

The dry playground usually becomes not-so-dry after a while when all the kids, wet from the water playground, come over to play. I wonder if we should have more social consciousness to stop our kids from jumping here and there and wetting the dry playground for those kids who were not dressed for water play. But really, on a crowded day where there are many kids, it's virtually impossible to ensure that.

The whole time my girls were going crazy at the water playground, I was just lounging at the Hong Kong cafe, sipping on my longan tea and reading my novel. It was too therapeutic and satisfying - Just the way I love my Monday rest day to be.

After all the play, she was happy to have a piping hot bowl of wanton noodles. I can imagine how awesome that must be.  =)

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